Sunday, February 5

Home again, even at work!!

So, I've been home now for a little over a week. It's been so good to be home. I slept better last Friday than I did the whole two weeks before that, or the whole week since. There's just something about being home, in your own bed, with your husband, that just lets you sleep better. It's nice to be home, and to kinda be a stay at home wife. :) I just came back to work yesterday, just a couple hours in the afternoon. It's good to be back, good to get some sort of routine back into my life. My swelling has gone down even since I've been home, still a little swollen on my cheeks and chin, but, looking at the pictures I got back from Costco, I've made so much progress!! I've only lost about 10lbs, I'm just about sick of this liquid diet!! But doesn't that smoothie look delish?!?! ;) One more week, and then I can graduate to soft foods..... just like a baby! :) And another month on that, and I'm back to normal. Not that I'll run right out and get a big burger or a steak (as much as I'm craving one right now!!!) but it'll be nice to be able to chew. The little things we take for granted, eh?
Thanks to everyone for the cards and calls and prayers and flowers and all that fun stuff. It's been such a blessing to have all my friends and family, and Mat's family, really rally around me. I can totally feel all the prayers and thoughts...... I couldn't have done it without you all!! I love you!! I hope to be getting some pictures scanned and put on here tomorrow, I can't make any promises, but I'll try my best!!
Go Seahawks!!!