Sunday, May 21

marvelously forgetful

Ok guys, help me out. Who sings a song about "Walking in marvelous light" or something like that? Wow, I'm so specific. We sang it in church today, and I love it. Really want to know who sings it. I'll e-mail my worship pastor friend, see if he knows. Just thought I'd ask and see if anyone knew.
Church was so good today, I really enjoy it. We've been going with Mat's "friend" (he's really his boss, but he wants to just be Mat's friend!) on Sunday mornings, it's been really nice. I always feel so silly, tho, because they always make me sit in between them..... I guess it's the rose between the thorns, huh? :)

Saturday, May 20

new job?

Ok, so here's some exciting news. I had a job interview on Thursday. Yeah, it was a suprise. I went in for an interview at Love INC on St. Patrick's Day (I remember because I didn't have anything "professional" enough for an interview that was green, according to my darling husband) and the interview didn't go too well. About half way thru, I think both me and the lady interviewing me realized I wasn't nearly qualified for the job, at all. She told me about something more clerical they'd be having come open in a few months, and she'd keep me in mind. Yeah, sure, I thought....blahblahblah, just something to tell me so that I didn't feel so losery..... And then Thursday morning she called me and we had an interview that afternoon, and the job is mine if I want it. It's a part time job, just 15 hours a week, so I'd have to stay at Murdoch's on the weekends, but the weekdays are totally flexible, they just need me there 3 or 4 hours a day, if I want a day off, I can just work more the day before or day after...... and it's things that I enjoy doing...filing and data entry and organizing and silly stuff like that..
The timing of this is totally great too, because Wednesday I was totally ready to walk out.... I'm so fed up with cashiering. And it seems like every other day, someone here calls me a "lifer"......I'M NOT A LIFER!!!!! Ok, done yelling about that. So, we'll see what I decide when Tuesday rolls around. I'm going to take the weekend to think and pray about it, and see where I'm at come Tuesday (Monday is our anniversary, I'll call her back on Tuesday!) :) So, that's that. Kinda exciting news, just something that came up so quickly, I'm still kinda reeling from it, not quite knowing what to think about it all...... I'm sure it'll all become clearer as the time goes on...... We'll see. (Ok, I'm going to say that about 50 more times....gheez!)
I get my braces off on Tuesday....... So Excited! :) no more brace face! :)

Tuesday, May 16

Saturday, May 13


So, my parents left yesterday for Monaco. I know, the title probably excited you to think we were going or something, but nope, just my parents. I'm really excited for them, they need a trip so badly. And a trip that they had to get passports for, no less! :) They were so excited at the airport, my dad couldn't stop talking! :) I'm just hoping the jet-lag doesn't kick their butts too badly! :)
So, since mom and dad are gone, Con is staying with us for a week. No, she's not my 12 year old sister, but rather my 18 year old sister. We had an incident a few years ago, and she just gets freaked out being home alone, so she's staying with us. Our first guest!! It's so much fun, I'm trying so hard to be such a good hostess, and Mat keeps saying "It's just your sister!" :) Oh well, I can enjoy guests when we have them, even if it is "just my sister!" :)
So, here's something new and exciting. I have started up an old friendship. I know, that doesn't make sense even in my head, but let me explain. I was good friends, best friends, with Cryssy in junior high, thru our sophomore year of high school. Then for reasons I can't even remember, we weren't friends anymore, she changed schools, moved away after high school, and I thought for sure I'd never hear from her again. Well, lo and behold, she goes to Journey, the church Mat and I have started going to. How strange is that? So, Cryssy and I have re-connected, and let me tell you what a blessing it's been to be spending time with her lately. It's been so great to have a new old friend. We have such a history, so many of the same memories, yet the past 6 years are still a mystery for each of us, since we lost touch for those last years. It's been so great to be friends with her again, such a blessing to my heart!! Just wanted to share that with you..... :) My little slice of joy in these past couple weeks.
I miss my Joy, my dear friend from Texas. I miss her tons. I'm hoping to fly out there for a few days this fall, but we'll see what happens with that. I'd love to make it out there and see her again. It's been nearly two years, and I need another Joy fix!! :(