Wednesday, December 15

baby lovenotes and whimsy hair notions GIVEAWAY!

hello to all my readers, both old and new! i have some exciting news!
My dear friend Colleen at Whimsy Hair Notions has partnered with me for another GREAT BIG giveaway! This is going to be big. If you haven't checked out her page, either on Facebook or Etsy, go. do. it. NOW! Her flower clips are beautiful, and her hand knitted hats are awesome! Levi has one of her newsboy style hats, and even though it doesn't stay on his head for longer than 15 seconds, it's adorable. And I have high hopes some day he'll wear it ;)
For this giveaway, Colleen has sent me a whole box of beautiful deep purple flower clips, with plenty of sparkle, sass, and style! And for my part, I will be making a personalized, custom fabric covered initial hair clip holder. (This is a BRAND NEW product for my shop. So new, I've only made one and I don't even have a picture to entice you with! But trust me, it's good!) This package will be perfect for any little lady in your life. Unfortunately, it won't be over in time to be an in-time for Christmas gift, but it could be a great gift for a birthday, shower gift, or even a late Christmas present ;)

So, you want to know how to enter? There are several ways to enter. Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry (up to five entries)
1) become a fan of baby lovenotes AND Whimsy Hair Notions on facebook (and write on our walls to help us feel the love!)
2) follow my blog
3) visit baby lovenotes AND Whimsy Hair Notions on Etsy and tell me what your favorites are
4) make a purchase from either of our shops
5) share this giveaway with your fans or followers on your blog or facebook page

Have fun with this giveaway! I will draw a name on the 26th. That gives you TEN days!

Monday, December 13

christmas 2010

Funky Christmas Wishes Christmas 5x7 folded card
Visit for classic photo Christmas cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

vintage love

i love the vintage pearl. my dear friend mysha got me this lovely necklace for christmas last year. it's amazing, i wear it almost every day. and every time i'm wearing it, levi grabs it and loves on it too. it's like he knows it's all about him :)

i would love to get a personalized charm with his name on it to go along with it. i had an "L" but levi tugged on it one too many times and it broke. but seriously, they have so much good stuff.
if you check out their blog, they are giving away LOTS of goodness.

some of my faves, in no particular order:

Tuesday, December 7

christmas 2010

Holly Frame Christmas Card
Make a statement with Shutterfly Christmas photo cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

shutterfly lovin

i adore shutterfly. i have made levi two photo books in the past year, both of which were free. i won one from a blog i follow, and the other one was a perk from the formula we use for levi. so while i didn't spend money on his books, i would have. the pictures are printed so beautifully, the covers are so sweet. i just love them.
another thing about shutterfly i love is their christmas cards. there are so many great ones to choose from. we've had a big year, with our little monkey turning one tomorrow, and i have so many great pictures i want to share with our christmas card list. even though i thought i had it nailed down as to which pictures i would choose for our christmas card, just in perusing shutterfly's christmas card options.......suddenly i'm doubting everything! one big family picture? several smaller pictures of things we've done throughout the year? a timeline of levi's growth and changes over the year? or, oh my gosh, the best of both worlds.......a christmas photo card AND christmas letter, all in one??? oh my word, this one is cute too!!
regardless of what decision i hope to make soon (inevitably i'll let mat pick something out, since he's usually more "i don't like that one" than i am. i'm usually so wishy washy.)...... i know i will be happy with my selection. anything i've ordered from shutterfly, be it the photo books, the custom notepads levi sent his grandma's for mothers day, or just my pictures printed at target, i've been elated with. and i truly think that this years christmas card will be my favorite. thanks to having two handsome men in the pictures with me, and thanks to shutterfly's (50 free photo card promotion) help :)

a couple of my favorite shutterfly goodies (other than the christmas cards and photo books!)
* these photostrips. ADORABLE!!! such a good idea for levi's thank you cards for his party!
* this mounted wall art. this would make great gifts for grandparents! i'll have to keep these in mind!
* these desk calendars. again, a great gift idea for grandparents who want to see levi's picture every month of the year :) i might have to take some "seasonally appropriate" pictures throughout the year for this one!

one thing i wish shutterfly made....... a photo address book. really i'd just like to put a family picture on the front of an address book. i'll keep my fingers crossed that this is in production :)

Thursday, November 18

bobbin winder

i have become an excellent bobbin winder. and an excellent seam ripper.
which means........i've been sewing up a storm!
thanks to my favorite blog, Little Bit Funky, I was inspired to make a TON of ornaments this year. Most of them will be headed to Iraq shortly for the Cav 1-9 division. My darling friend Joy's husband is deployed there, so she asked me to make ornaments for all the soldiers in his division. I do have a few left that I'm hoping will be Christmas presents, and maybe give aways for some fans of my shop. This took up a boat load of my time, but I'm so glad I could bless the soldiers in this way, the men and women who are fighting for our freedom, who are away from their family for such a long time.
it's truly the least i can do for such amazing people. it warms my heart.

Monday, September 27

belated big announcement

another thing that has been keeping me so busy is my new etsy shop!! that was my big annoucement that i failed to announce here..... whoopsies. i launched my new shop the middle of june, and it's been keeping me busy this summer. i've been making mostly baby decor and such; my cards have not been as big of a seller, unfortunately. but i'm still staying busy, being creative and blessing those who order things from my shop.

things i need to be productive


this, and one of these on in the background....

pictures from our summer

just a few of my favorite pictures from the summer. i can't understand why blogger can't put them into my post in the order i upload them in, and i don't have the time to reorganize them, so they are a little random...... but still cute ;)
first camping trip, with cousin cayla.
first four wheeler ride....a HIT!

first bath in the sink..... he only liked it a little bit ;)

me and levi enjoying the yard

levi and papa

yellowstone national park

monkey at the zoo

4th of july with nattie
colorado springs zoo....full size sophies!!

end of two long days of sod laying

our memorial day adventure to red rocks and dinosaur ridge

it was a hot summer
toes taste so good


wow. where the heck has time gone? and where the heck have i been? i've been debating whether i wanted to post-post and pretend i haven't been MIA all summer......but the longer i thought about doing that, the longer i delayed in actually posting. SO....... i've decided to actually be honest and post from the real date. there'd be too much to update, and it's too hard for me to write as if i'm living in the past. ya know?
here's our summer in a nutshell:
* our lawn is now landscaped, and wonderful. our water bill increased by over 200% which was a little shocking, but it's fantastic. we didn't do the fence this summer, but we have a wonderful underground sprinkler system and nice green grass. ah-MAZ-ing
* mat played another season of baseball. it was a dismal season, not much winning by his team. and, honestly, he's getting sick of losing. the jury is still out as to whether or not he'll play again next summer.
* several rockies games, levi does so good considering most of them happen right during his naptime. same to be said for levi in the nursery at church. he does great, but falls asleep in the car before we are out of the parking lot. he just loves playing with the other kiddos.
* several trips down to colorado springs to see our friends, the mcclungs. they are moving in a few days, so we tried to soak up as much time with them as we could. we spent the kid's first 4th of july together, taking fun pictures and laughing. it was amazing. i'm going to miss them.
* a week long visit with auntie katie. rockies games, shopping, and the zoo. just lots of fun times together. her trip was nicely bookended with a road trip up to montana!
* a monthlong vacation in montana (two weeks for mat, a month for me and beezus.) a trip to yellowstone national park, mat and i running another 5k, an ear infection for levi, a sinus infection for me, a 4 day family reunion in big sky, a four wheeler ride.....our trip was jam packed. levi and i flew home, and he did fantastic! i was so nervous, since he was still recovering from his ear infection, but he did great! played with the barf bag the first half of the flight, and slept the second half. wonderful!
* levi's first college football game. we went down to the springs to see AF play...crap i can't remember who they played. it was a HOT, windless, sunny, HOT day, but the kids did really good. nicole and i sat under the bleachers (the only place there was any shade to speak of) for most of the game, but we still had fun.

whew........NOW do you see where i've been? it's been a busy summer, but so much fun. and we've got lots of stuff to look forward to:
* spending some more time with the mcclungs before they move! :(
* a long weekend trip to texas for levi and i to visit my dear friend joy. she's preggo and her hubby was just deployed to iraq for a year. i can't wait for her to meet levi, to spend some good girl time with her, and help her in any way we can!
* planning levi's birthday parties. we will have one in montana and one in colorado......what a spoiled little boy! and on that note,
* we are going back to montana for thanksgiving, so that's something else to be looking forward to! i can't believe that levi's almost one. what a whirlwind of a year, but so amazing. wow.

Friday, May 21

friday five

top five things i'm looking forward to for the summer
1) getting our yard landscaped!!!! omg, i'm so excited to get it done!! it's been a wish list project since we bought the house. "ground breaking" is on friday. our whole yard will be torn up, sprinkler system installed and we'll lay sod. hopefully we have some friends we can count on to help us instal the sod so we can save some moolah!

2) HeavenFest at the end of july! it'll be the third year we'll go. it's always such a fun time, great bands and amazing music in the colorado sunshine. we are still debating on bringing levi or not, but either way it should be fun.

3) alberda family reunion in montana in august. it's always so good to see our huge extended family, relax in the sunshine and get to introduce levi to everyone. that will also be our third trip up to montana, and probably our longest one. it'll be another long drive through wyoming, but we'll probably be up there for a couple weeks, and levi and i will be up their longer and just fly home (probably) so we'll get to spend lots of good time with all the people we have to see up there. good family and friend time, for sure!

4) more rockies games, camping (hopefully!), bike rides, concerts, fireworks, my birthday, swimming, picnics, laying in the grass, iced tea, flip flops, sunshine, green grass, blue skies and bbqs.

5) JUNE 14th. not only is that my sisters birthday (and i'm hoping she'll come visit around there) but i have a BIG announcement to make..... and that'll be the day i make it. please stay tuned to my blog for more information and the upcoming announcement..... i'm counting on all of my followers and friends to make this project a success!!!

Monday, May 17


we took another trip to montana, we just got back this evening. both boys are in bed (levi for good, mat to prepare for his audit shift tonight) and i'm snuggly on the couch, catching up on the online world (aka: facebook and blogs :) i am amazed at what a good traveller levi is. we drove for 12 hours to get up to bozeman on wednesday, then three hours up to missoula on friday, back to bozeman on sunday and back home today. we spent over 26 hours of our trip in the car, and he rocked it! he had a few moments, but overall he does so good. the sooner we get him used to it, the better i figure! we'll be coming back probably twice more this year....he'll be an old pro in no time!

all the grandparents loved seeing him, and he got to meet his great grandma nancy and great bumpa (mat's dad's parents) which was great! auntie katie graduated from U of M, he was a trooper spending most of saturday out in the sun being passed from relative to relative. he did take a snuggly little nap on me during most of the ceremony, which was wonderful, but a little toasty roasty and sweaty :)

Saturday, May 8

dear levi: month 5

Dear Levi,
Where did my baby boy go? I have a little boy on my hands now. Your dad and I were just talking about how much you have changed over the last month. You are now holding up your head so good, so aware of everything and everyone around you. You are starting to get a little stranger/seperation anxiety....which means we'll start putting you in the nursery at church soon. You are the sweetest little nugget when you are in my arms and you look up at me in surprise, like you forgot I was holding you. And the noises you are making are amazing. You screech and squeal and shriek in delight, sometimes even closing your eyes to get that extra oomph of energy. Even when you are in the back of the car all by yourself, you still chatter up a storm to your Sophie. You are an amazing little boy, and I'm so lucky to be your mom. I can't wait to start feeding you "real" food soon, helping you learn to sit up, and hearing you use your voice even more. I pray for you every day, that you will be a healthy little boy with strong muscles and a loud voice.
You are amazing. Thanks for letting me be your mom. I love you,

Friday, May 7

first friday five

in an effort to post more often, i want to write some regular posts with somewhat of a theme. introducing, friday five. it'll be a short way to give anyone who reads this a little peek into my head on any given week. and one list that's been bouncing around in my head this week is.....

5 moms i NEVER thought i'd be:

1) i vowed i would NEVER be the mom of a thumb sucker. as someone who sucked her thumb until second grade, and had the jacked up teeth to prove it, i swore i would never let my child suck his (or her) thumb. i tried my darndest to get levi to take a pluggie.....but to no avail. last week i just finally gave up. he had reached the point that he would pull it out seconds after i stuffed it into his yapper, and stare at it like "what the heck mom?" then little thumbkin would once again reside in his mouth. and.......he's so stinking cute when he sucks it, especially when his pointer hooks over his nose

2) i honestly never anticipated being a stay at home mom. until i got pregnant and the possibility was looming, i just kinda had in the back of my mind that i'd still work, if even part time. especially with me going to school and pursuing my "career", i just thought i'd keep working. but, at the same time i knew day care wasn't really something for us. not sure how i thought that would work, but that's what was in my mind. NOW.....i can't imagine not spending all day with levi. some days are a little crazy and long and even a little frustrating, but, as my last post illustrated, he's capable of melting my heart and putting everything into perspective with just a simple giggle or slobbery formula-breath kiss. man alive i love that little boy.

3) i NEVER thought i would be a cloth diapering mom. NEVER. EVER EVER. but now, i love it. i'm so sick of the part time disposable diapering we've been doing. it seems like every time i put levi in a disposable, his little bummy gets all rashy and's ridiculous! i'm even giving nighttime diapering another try tonight (hopefully the punky doesn't wake up in a puddle again....) i don't mind washing them, drying them..... and every time we don't use a disposable it saves us that many cents :)

4) i NEVER thought i'd be a mom who's favorite smell is formula breath. is that gross? i love his little slobbery kisses, and his sweet milky breath. i feel like it will all change when he starts eating real food, so i'll enjoy every whiff while i can

5) i NEVER thought i'd be a creeper mom who hovers over his crib as he sleeps, who bends over backwards to make him happy, who doesn't mind picking noses or being slobbered or drooled on, washing the afforementioned cloth diapers, cuddling his little naked self even if it means being peed on, who is working so hard to make mommy friends so that he'll have friends when he gets older. i guess that's what it means to be a mom. i can't believe how much room i had in my heart, how much i would love him after even 5 short minutes, let alone 5 months. amazing

Thursday, May 6


i had the best afternoon with this little boy. it wasn't even the whole afternoon.....i had the best 20 minutes snuggling with him. i was reclining on our chairs upstairs, with my feet on the ottoman and he was sitting on my lap. we sang "itsy bitsy spider" and "patty cake" and snuggled and giggled. then he got a little "ready for nap" acting, so i put him on his tummy on my chest. he would burrow his head down into my chest, then pop his head up as if to say "peek-a-boo" (another new favorite). he would giggle and smile and generally melt my heart.

those tender moments before his nap made me realize how lucky i am to get to spend all day with him. even the rough days, his little giggle and smile helps me through them. it also makes me realize how much time i spend wasting and NOT playing with him throughout the day. it's so easy to just lay him on his playmat and let him do his own thing, especially when he's this little. but these moments are so fleeting....he's already growing up so fast, that i now know i need to work at making more of an effort to really spend time WITH him, not just next to him or in the same room.... but WITH him.

so many things need to change.... it's intimidating to make a million changes all at once, so i'll start making small changes. less online time. more real life time.

Wednesday, May 5

{not} wordless wednesday

i can't NOT write anything about this picture...... WHERE did my baby go?
for crying out loud, he's drinking out of a sippy cup {mostly}, he's eating rice cereal, he's sleeping through the night {again}, he's wearing tennis shoes..... yesterday i dressed him in a polo shirt and his little brown pants. he looked like such a little boy it took my breath away.
he's amazing. i love watching him grow up, although it's already happening too fast!!!!

Wednesday, April 21

some days i wish i had a boss

i need someone supervising me, making sure i'm doing a good job with this little one. telling me when to take him to the doctor, what's wrong with him, why he has diaper rash, why his eye is gunky and he's coughing and snotty and cranky...... it's hard for me to spend the whole day being my own boss, making the decisions and hoping i'm doing what is best for him. i begin to doubt what i'm doing and how i'm doing it, worried i'm doing him a disservice or something that isn't the best for him. it's a life i'm in charge of's intimidating

wordless wednesday

Thursday, April 8

dear levi: months 1-4

my dear little monkey. you are the apple of my eye. i had no idea how much my life would change in the last four months. my life changed before you were even born, but it has changed so much more since then. you give me more joy, belly laughs and quiet tears in my eyes than anyone else. i could peek in your room and watch you sleep all day long. the twinkle in your eyes is so bright and innocent; your laughter is my new favorite sound. you are growing up too fast already, i want to slow you down. i love watching you figure things out, watching you watch your hands move, your face in a mirror, your feet kick around. you are learning and discovering every day and i love being with you to see it. however, i can't help but think about what your future holds. trying "real" food, rolling over, crawling, teething, walking, running, skinning your knees, jumping in mud puddles, talking, going to more baseball games with your daddy. i can't wait to watch you grow up and into the young man God has created you to be. my heart overflows with all the good things he has in store for you. just like the verse i painted over your crib, He knows the plans he has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future." just as i've been watching you grow and mature over the past four months, i will continue to be there for you, every day. i will pick you up and snuggle you when you cry, i will wipe away your alligator tears, i will feed you, both the food that will nourish your body, as well as the food that will nourish your soul, i will hold your hand in public for as long as you'll let me, and always in my heart. you are a special little boy. i love you more than you know.
love, momma

Tuesday, April 6

catching up

i wrote a whole bunch of nonsense, and it all deleted it..... i'll write a longer post this afternoon. now, here are some pictures from our trip :) enjoy