Thursday, August 24

good news

So, here's something else I forgot to update here. My second to last post, about my terribly long weekend, I have an update. About my grandma. I don't know if God healed her (I like to believe that one!) or if the doctors read the first scan wrong, but there is no tumor!! PTL! There is just a shadowy spot on her pancreas, and she has pancreatitis, which can be controlled with medications. PTL!! Big time Praise the LORD!!! How awesome is our God! Wow! Prayers are answered every day, I know that. It's just amazing to see it happen so quickly (when God's timing matches up with ours.... ) and in such the way that you want to see it answered! God is good....All the Time!!
Other than that huge praise, not a lot new with us. Pricing things for our garage sale, which will be held this Saturday. Really looking forward to that, unloading all our junk on people who "need" it! haha!! Hope we get rid of a lot!! That's all I have to say, just wanted to keep everyone updated. Have a great week, all!!

something cool

Ok, so here's my x-ray from after my surgery. I thought I had lost it..... it's amazing what you find when you are packing and moving!! Haha! So, thought this was kinda cool cuz you can see the plates I have in my head. Titanium, four plates and 24 (or something like that) screws. It is hard to see on the scan, I wished it had scanned better. But, the plates are on the bottom jaws on the outside edges and the upper jaws towards the center (by my nose) and I had braces on when this was taken, thus the, well, braces in the x-ray. Thought it'd be cool to share this, sorry it took me so long! :)

Monday, August 21

what a weekend

Wow, this has been a hard weekend. Firstly, on Friday, Mat went to use his debit card to buy me lunch, and it was declined. I called the bank and they told me we were showing a balance of -$650.00 (yes, that's negative six hundred fifty some dollars) We later found out that somehow, some bad people in California got my debit card number and pin number and decided to empty out our checking account. How nice of them, huh? Everyone at the bank kept asking me when I lost my card.... it was still in my wallet. So, that's interesting. Maddening, really. Just another thing to worry about, on top of moving and all that. I'm really excited for when we start opening things up in Colorado and we find out that those bad people have more than just my debit card number, like my SSN or something like that..... Wahoo for that! It's still being resolved, slowly but surely. Hopefully soon we'll have all that money back and those bad people will get in trouble. I know the first scenario is more likely than the second, but we can hope, huh?!?
Next comes Saturday night. We went to dinner with Mat's mom and sister to their pastors house with some other friends. It was fun, but we had to say goodbye to Katie, Mat's sister, as she left for college. I know it's ok, because we aren't going to be here much longer anyway, but it was still hard. I wish I would have taken advantage of us living so close to get to know her better. But, we have e-mail and cell phones, so we'll keep in touch. And she's going to try and come down for our going away party, so it'd be nice to see her again before we go. It's going to be so good for her to get out of her comfort zone and meet new people, do new things, all the experiences that come along with college. I'm so very excited for her, it was just the beginning of saying goodbye that made it tough. But, she has the emotions of her father and brother...a couple hugs and a good bye and that was that. And an I love you, of course. It's just bizarre for me, the uber-emotional one, to see someone just say "good-bye, I love you" and that's it. Oh well, I know the thoughts are back there.. And we are very very excited for her to, like I said, get out of her shell a little bit. She's so very quiet, it'll be good for her to have to make new friends and get out of her warm comfort zone. I'll have to call her tonite and see how her first couple days have gone... :)
Then came Sunday. We went to church, it was good. I'm going to miss our church, and we just found it!!! We had dinner at Grandpa and Grandma's house, and we were a little bit early, so we decided to go say goodbye to my Great-Grandma Hannah. I had talked to Grandma Pat about it, if it was a good idea or not, and she thought it would be. It was so hard. My Great-Grandma is 94 years old. She's healthy, has a good heart and lungs and all that, but her body is very frail, her joints and bones are wearing down, and her mind is really going. She could hardly remember who we were, and she was so confused. It was so hard to see her like that, having to think of things to ask her, stuff like that. I tried to ask her if she liked living there (at the Retirement Home) and it was clearly the wrong question to ask. She wants to go home, that's all she says. She wants to be in Heaven. She knows what her life was, and what it is now, and it makes her so sad. She's longing to be Home with Jesus, and after yesterday, I long for that day for her too. She gets so confused. She couldn't remember where we lived, and then we told her we had to go to lunch, and she thought she was supposed to come, she didn't know why she couldn't come, didn't know where we were going..... It was so hard. I cried and cried and cried in the car. It was tough to see my grandma like that, she's always been so fun and talkative and everything. It was a tough day. But, on the flip side, I'm so glad I went to see her. Now, when she does go home to Jesus, it might not be as sad for me, seeing how her life is now. And, it would have been one of those things I would have always regretted, had I not gone and said goodbye one last time. It was just a tough emotional day.
Then we have Monday, today. Actually, just this afternoon. This morning was good, Love INC had a pizza party for me. It was fun. This afternoon, my mom called to give me an update on my Grandma Fran (my dad's mom) Her and my Grandpa were in Seattle visiting Grandma's sister when she got really bad stomach pains (my grandma that is) so she went to the hospital were they thought it was either her gall bladder (fun times there!) or her pancreas. Well, my mom called today and they found a tumor in (or near, I can't remember) her pancreas and it doesn't look good. Unfortunately, that's all the details I have. My aunt called my mom and that's all she said. So, as of right now, I have no idea what's going on, what the next step is, anything. Needless to say, I'm freaking out. But, I do know that everything is in God's hands. I know that, it's just hard to not be emotional, when it's already been a stressful and emotional weekend, with this on top of it all makes it hard. I don't even know how to pray......for divine healing, for steady hands of the doctors....for wisdom in the doctors, for calm nerves and peace for my family. It's just a tough situation. Please please please pray for my family, my dad and his siblings, everyone involved. It's bound to be a rough week, please keep us in your prayers. Pray that I start getting some sleep too.... with all this emotional roller coasters I've been on lately, I'm crying all the time. Please pray for peaceful and restful sleep........
What a weekend.... God, be in these situations. Heal Grandma, give our family peace and calm nerves. Give the doctors wisdom. Just use this situation as you will, be here. Amen.

Friday, August 18

This is the prayer of my heart this morning. And Always.

I'm giving You my heart
and all that is within
I lay it all down
for the sake of You my King

I'm giving You my dreams
I'm laying down my rights
I'm giving up my pride
for the promise of new life

I surrender
all to You
All to You
I surrender
all to You
All to You

I'm singing You this song
I'm waiting at the cross
And all the world holds dear
I count it all as loss

For the sake of knowing You
for the glory of Your name
To know the lasting joy
even sharing in Your pain

I surrender
all to You
All to You
I surrender
all to You
All to You

Jesus, help me surrender.....all to you.

Sunday, August 13

screaming colorado

colorado just naturally screams fun in it's name. at my husbands prompting, i'm having to specify that i am indeed very excited to move to colorado. he said the title of my last blog "colo-freakin-rado" could be interpreted as being angry about moving there, as if said through gritted teeth. but, no, i am very very excited to move to colorado. i'm excited to start out our new chapter in our life, to get to know a new city, to get to know his family. so, all that said, i'm very excited. not so excited about the whole moving process (packing, throwing things away, having mat throw my things away behind my back.... ) but once we get there, oh baby, it'll be great!

i have a phone interview on tuesday at the borders in boulder (say that ten times fast....i know i'll mess up answering the phone!!) i went in and talked to my old manager, tiffany, the other day. she told me that she basically told alison (the boulder manager) to hire me, so i'm pretty sure i'll get the job. but, i'm also kinda counting my chicks before they get laid, i guess we'll see what happens on tuesday. mat on the other hand, has high hopes of feeding grandma's dog by hand every day. just kidding.... he has put in his resume at a couple hotels, and 7-11, so we'll see what comes of that. just kidding, no 7-11, but at a couple other high end hotels and resorts ( pretty snazzy!) i'm not worried about him finding a job at all. he's very good at what he does and he's never been turned down for a job that he's interviewed for.... and that has gone to his head!!! :)

we are having some pictures taken this afternoon. one of our friends is a photography major, and i thought it'd be nice to get some portraits of us taken, even nicer now that we are moving. hopefully we can get some good ones with the mountains in the background to remind us of.....awwww.... montana. mat really wants to take them in the front yard so we don't have to go anywhere, so he doesn't miss the baseball game... you can see where his priorities are! :) i think it'll be fun, i love having pictures taken like that... makes me feel like a movie star.... cheesy! :)

ok, that's all for now. we gotta go get all prettied up for our photo shoot..haha! "ttfn" from mat!

p.s. bring it on three released straight to dvd this week. what a monumental week for those who love the movie trilogy. should be a good one, all those released straight to dvd are, aren't they?

Tuesday, August 1


Here we go, embarking on our next, or first, big adventure. I suppose being married is an adventure in and of itself, so this would be our next big adventure. For those of you who know, and those of you who don't know, Mat and I are moving to Colorado. We have thought and prayed long and hard about it, and we really feel this is the best step for us to take right now. We feel like there are more opportunities for us down there, both in jobs, school and housing (maybe?) We have both applied for a few jobs, but it's hard to apply for them this far out. Oh yeah, you'd probably like to know when we are moving. We are moving Labor Day weekend. Either we'll leave on Sunday, if my parents can come down and help us, or we'll stay and hang out with everyone and leave on Tuesday with just the two of us. It's coming up soon. I'm getting nervous, but only about the possiblity of me driving my own vehicle down there..... And packing everything. This is the first time I've ever had to pack everything and move all in one shot. When I moved to Seattle, it was just short term, so it was like an extended motel stay, I didn't need to have all my belongings. And when we got married and I moved out of mom and dad's house, it was a gradual move, we kept moving things for quite a while after we got married. But this one, we'll move everything all in one shot, all in one U-haul.... It'll be tough. But, hey, come to our garage sale!! It'll be a grand time!! :) We'll pawn our crap off on others..... what a great concept! :) haha!

We are moving to Boulder, we will be staying with Grandma Ev until next Spring probably. We need the time to get on our feet, and Grandma needs the help with the huge house. That will give us time to find good jobs, save some money for a down payment, and hopefully find a nice little house to buy. And we can find a church, some friends, and I can figure out where the heck I'm going when I go places on my own!!!! That's really our news, I can't think of any other details. Just think of us and pray for us in the next month. I'm going to be a basketcase trying to get everything done in this short amount of time. And still be able to see friends and family before we go. It'll be a busy month, but I'm so excited. We are both so excited. I'm excited to live around Mat's family, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandma. It'll be great to see the kids grow up, and for me to get to know his family more. I'm just so flipping excited!! :)

Colo-freakin-rado here we come!!