Monday, December 12

i apologize

it's amazing what corona does to an empty stomach! i'm sorry for that last post. it's amazing, i had the sound mind to log on and blog and it made as much sense as it did! wow, i am just amazing! :) (and mysha, thanks for walking me home after my husband abandoned me! :) i love you!!)
nothing new here, just wanted to rub it in to everyone reading this that we are in fact finished christmas shopping, and, to top it all's all wrapped!! i know, again, truly amazing! what can i say? wow, what a pile of loot, eh? if you are lucky enough, some of it may be for you! :) haha!

Saturday, December 10

tonite was fun

tonitewas fun, we playeed poker with some friends, my best friends, actually. mat won, but we stuck around and talked for hours,. it was lots of fun, lots of corona and all sortsa fun stuff. skiing talk and fun. i like poker, too bad i'm not beter at it than i am. i wish i was better at poker, but im' not. i just guess i need to practice. they just need to invite us iver more often, i guess. ahhhh, jesse mcartney on launchcast. time to go home! byue!!!!

Friday, December 2

"you aren't braceface, you're metal mouth"

Those are the words of consolation my husband gave me Monday after I got my full mouth braces on. What a loving husband I have, huh? You all wish he was your's don't you? ;) He really is a great guy, he just hit a sensitive cord with me that day. In preparation for my upcoming surgery, I had to get my braces on again. Yes, again, second time around. I'm already over it. I just have to keep picturing the end result, what my mouth will be after surgery. But, it doesn't make the canker sores any less painful!!! It's nice that we are progressing in the direction of surgery faster than we have the preceeding three years. But, it's painful!! :( Hopefully I'll at least lose some weight on my soup and ramen diet! :)