Sunday, January 30


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Monday, January 24


i have been prayerfully considering and thinking a lot about giving back, doing something more with my time, and blessing others. at christmas our pastor talked about "C.O.A.L.- Christmas On Another Level" which he expanded to simply be LIFE on another level. Meaning Christmas shouldn't just be a day or a week in our year, but a way of life, a manner of living, and state of mind in which we constantly think outside of ourselves and to others. he handed out stickers, 12 of them, to put on our calendar every month to remind us of our "COAL" commitment. he suggested putting them on the 25th of each know, like Christmas. well......that's tomorrow. since Christmas, i've been thinking about what i can do to make a different and do something more. my first thought was children's hospital. i SO take levi's health for granted, i am so greatful that he is a happy, healthy, developing toddler who, thus far, as escaped any serious health issues. i know that not every family is so lucky. and i want to do something to help those families, and those babies. i know what i can do won't make much of a difference, it won't help pay their medical bills, won't heal the kids, and won't make the things they are going through any easier, but i want to at least provide a little blessing, a small ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark and scary time. i have been prompted and lead to make and donate one lovee blanket for every sale in my shop. that's right, for every sale that i've had or will have in the weeks and months to come, one infant in the NICU will have a snuggly, cuddly lovee blanket to help in whatever small way it might help. i pray that God will do something bigger with these blankets than i can do. i pray that God will use these blankets in a monumental way, to speak words of life, peace and comfort into the scared minds and hearts of the parents, and that he will use the simple gift of a lovee to........ i don't know, just bring a little joy into their hearts. i know that God can do bigger and better things through just a simple act. i humbly ask you to be with me in this, to be praying for the families that will get the blankets, and for the kids who will be fighting for their lives.
thank you in advance for your prayers, support and encouragement. if you want to donate a lovee, pick something out of my shop, or email me to donate one without a purchase!

Friday, January 7


i got no entries in my giveaway.
i'm trying really hard not to take it personally. it seems so junior high-ish to say "no one likes me or my shop or my blog. why doesn't anyone like me?" i'm trying not to get sucked into this as a popularity contest or anything...... but i'm frustrated. and, to be honest, all those thoughts are running through my head. i'm not sure what i can do to make people care about what i'm writing and what i'm doing........

Monday, January 3


inspired by my dear friend heather, i have decided to choose a word for 2011. a word to remember and try to live my life by. a word that will hopefully give my life, my days, my activities, my mothering, my wife-ing.......direction and purpose. the word that i'm working hard to remember this year is INTENTIONAL. i'm trying hard to be intentional with my time, my money, my food, my choices, my attitudes, my activities, my talents, my attention, my heart, my energy. i'm trying to make intention the cornerstone of this year. no more half-assing things. no more laziness. no more wallowing.
"There is an eagle in me that wants to soar,
and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud"
-- Carl Sandburg