Thursday, September 25

just in case

in case y'all aren't as obsessed as we are an didn't know.... the office premieres tonight. it is going to be a good night in the smith house. jim and pam are back...i'm making delish fish cakes...i bought reese's peanut butter'll be good. enjoy :)

getting caught up, a photo tour..

so here is my attempt to make up for lost time....through photos. i'll post a meatier post soon, i promise. for now, these pics will have to doit just looks strange with colorado plates on it!!!
hands down the coolest violin player ever.... he's with the band Skillet, at Heavenfest. we went to this festival....three days before we left for montana. it was great!!
the beauty, and dustiness, that was Heavenfest
my bffaeaeae, cryssy , the night before she was cinderella..yes, cinderella
just in case you didn't know.... part of the sweet pea parade we went to while we were home.

some of my former coworkers in the parade

there she cinderella, with her prince charming!!mat and i with his mom and sister, katiekrista, crystal, bonnie and i--friends from...what, grade school?!?! so good to catch up with them at crystals wedding!!that's right, the smith's getting down!!i miss this silly girl....yes, that is a mouthful of chocolate cake!!!the whole family, minus my dad and my cousin, brittany. what a crazy bunch!! loves!my cousin... more like my brother, with his little ladybug, briannethe week involved lots and lots of mean much fun!!

me and my rona, together again....

stay tuned for part two (any maybe part three......)