Friday, January 25

smiths lately

carlysuesmith/smiths lately

i think this'll work to share my photo album. if it doesn't let me know!

Thursday, January 24


just a thought...
is it sad that i just had to mapquest directions to our new house?
at least i don't have to look up the address too.....
inspection day. pictures to follow

Sunday, January 20

fax machine

just killing some time, waiting for our mortgage application to be faxed, and this fax machine is incredibly incredibly slow. it stops in the middle of each page and waits........waits.......and then continues. and when your mortgage application is, like, 20+ pages, i figured i'd be here a while, so i thought i'd blog.
yeah, that's right, i did say mortgage application. we are buying a house!!! wahoo! i can't believe how fast it's all happening, but we needed it to happen fast. we knew we had to give 60 days notice, but wanted to stay in our apartment for another couple months so we could take our time and find a good house. but, going to a month-to-month rent, they were going to double our rent. therefore, we decided to put our money into a house rather than rent. so, we put in our notice, and the search began. we went and looked at houses last monday (the 14th) and let me tell you, we saw lots and lots of houses. some gave us the heebie-jeebies, if you know what i mean. they were so gross. but the last one we went to look at, the one our realtor said "i'm not really expecting much of this one, but we'll look anyway" was the house.....the house. it's amazing. three bedroom, two bathrooms, finished basement, big back yard, garage, everything. it was flipped by the previous owner, and everything in it is new and shiny and perfect. we are so excited. the house is in wheatridge, which is between golden (where mat works now) and denver. it's ten minutes from mat's work, and i'm already trying to find a new job (or two) closer to our house. i'm just so excited!!!
i'm glad to finally have a real reason to quit borders. i'm just silly like that, i feel too guilty just quitting. i like to have a reason better than "more money" moving is a great reason to quit. considering i'd spend my whole paycheck just on gas driving into boulder every day.... wouldn't make much sense. my manager is all excited to give me a transfer, but mat (and i) think it would be better for me to just cut my ties with borders here and now. he wants me to work at 24 hour fitness so we get a free gym membership....i applied yesterday. even something temporary while i do some more research and acclimate myself to the area, figure out what is close and all that jazz.
plus, school starts tomorrow, so i'll have my hands full the way it is. i'm taking three classes, nine credits. i'm taking an astronomy class (i need three more science credits and don't want to have to take a class with a lab.....) an american literature class (so i can read some of the books i never read in high school) and a western civilazation class (start at the beginning...) i'm hoping these classes will be less paper-heavy than my writing class was last semester so that i will have more time for the extra class.....we'll see how my logic goes.
so, we close on our house on the 13th of february (the house is totally on the brain!) and my family is coming out on the 16th..... how perfect is that? they had their trip planned anyway, bought plane tickets and everything. and now they get to help us move. (whether they want to or not!) oh my word, i'm just so excited. we get a basement. we get a back yard. we'll get mail delivered to the place we live. we have a kitchen that we both can be in comfortably. all my kitchen stuff will fit in the cupboards and not setting on the counters in corners. we have hardwood floor. ok, i'm done with house talk for now.
gotta do some moving/job research. we are having our inspection on thursday, i'll take some pictures and post them. and i'll try and post christmas pictures too. we had a good one. i'll write more on that later too.....