Monday, October 16

here i am again. sorry it's taken so long to update this silly thing. i always have such hope for my days off, and they go way too fast. today i had high hopes of getting my new drivers license (put off until tomorrow before work), doing a bit of shopping for card making fun-ness, finishing, or at least working on, our thanksgiving cards, finishing laundry, eating lunch..... and so far, all i've accomplished is shopping and getting a little more laundry done. after getting lost in westminister/arvada thanks to my husbands great directions (haha!) the afternoon was pretty close to over. now i'm just killing time waiting for him to get home from he is... so we can venture out to aurora to see my friend crystal and her boy logan and boyfriend chris. i always call boyfriend/husbands "boy"s, so with crystal, i have to specify her boy as in her son and her boy as in her boyfriend. anyway, that's that. it'll be good to see her, as we haven't managed to hang out since she and i moved down here. it'll be good, she's making lasagne. yum.


so my darling friend joy moved out here from texas a couple weeks ago. it's been so good to see her again. joy and i did our dts together in seattle, and since 2002, we've met, spent 8 months living together, seeing eachother every day, then seeing eachother twice since sept 02 and last month. the last time we saw eachother was at our wedding, two and a half years ago. it is so good to see her and be able to hang out with eachother, knowing that our time is not limited, we don't have to cram all our hanging out and catching up into one night. it's been good to have a casual friendship, one that we can just hang out and relax and not have to be talking and busy. not that we don't talk when we hang out..... you know what i mean. either way, having her here, spending time with her, having a dear friend out here is just so nice, such a blessing. that and she brought me a longhorns shirt so we can cheer for them together....mat really appreciates that! :)
gotta go to aurora for lasagne.