Sunday, November 27

what a day

Actually, today is going much better than yesterday, although I have spent all day today fixing problems from yesterday. Yesterday, between the terrible roads and weather to begin with, our power went out at work, not once, but twice. That's right, completely out. No lights, no computers, no theft detectors, no nothing. We had to go back way old school and write down sales by hand. It was great fun. We had all the cashiers writing sales out by hand, plus two people posted at each door for security. And the thing that blows my mind, is that customers continued to come in and shop, even tho we were greeting them at the door letting them know we had no power. It's just mind boggling.....what is that important that you need to shop in the pitch black dark?!?! I don't understand it!!
I was in my office when it happened, counting the deposit, minding my own business..... And there are no windows in my office. So, the power goes out and I have to blindly reach for the money, put it in the safe, lock the change box, find my way out of my dark office, and hang out for almost three hours for the power to come back on......and stay on. So, needless to say, today has been so exciting, I can hardly stand it. No catching up on filing or anything like that, just fixing things from yesterday. It's terrible. But, I'm all caught up now, and almost ready to be done for the day. Which means I get to drive home in the hellacious snow and ice we are having!!!! As long as I live here, I'll never get used to the weather. We probably have a good foot of snow, the roads are slushy, it's still snowing, and it's just wonderful!!! I love montana weather!!! :D kinda a cool link for MSU's webcam, shows you just how much snow we indeed do have! :)
peace out, napoleon

Saturday, November 19

go cats!!

105th meeting of the Cats and Griz. We sucked last week, it's a shame. If we would have won against Eastern Washington, we could win the championship today. Unfortunately, we didn't, but at least we can still beat the Griz! And now our fans are throwing beer bottles on the field!! Some people's kids. What are we going to do? As you can tell, I'm very motivated to work today! :) Actually, I have a ton of filing to do, just wanted to cheer on our Cats as the game nears the finish, and we are still in the lead! ::fingers crossed:: Let's keep it up!!

Thursday, November 17

home again, home again, jiggety jog

and just like that, we are home again. It seems like the time before vacation drags by so slowly, vacation speeds by like nothing else, and all you are left with is a pile of laundry the size of a small country!! At least that is what I have left. And of course, the memories of the great times spent with friends and family while in Washington.
Quick recap of our vacation, more to follow when I have more time between laundry loads! Friday we drove to Spokane Wa so see the Lion King. It was great, even better than I expected. For anyone who has seen it, you know what I'm talking about. And for those of you who haven't seen it, don't let the opportunity pass you by!! It was spectacular, so many talented people who made it possible. Mind boggling!!
Saturday morning we headed out to Seattle, inadvertantly on highway 2, which worked out well as we missed most of the snow and rock slides. It was a nice drive, and we rounded out the evening at my great uncle and aunt's house for dinner. It was so good to see them again and snitch candy out of their dish! :)
Sunday, after waking up in our amazing--free--hotel room, we had a nice, big, energizing breakfast. We were going to need it......we were headed to the football game! We got to the stadium, and as we were finding our seats, Mat realized what an awesome wife he has when he saw how close our seats were. They were awesome, not even the rain falling steadily through out the second half could change our minds!! Mat's good friend from home, Nicole, came and sat with us for the last half, and then we went to dinner with her, all three of us looking like drowned rats!! It was fun to catch up with her and hear all about her wedding plans.
Monday was our day to prepare for the next two whirlwind days ahead. We spent time downtown, checking out the shops and market, indulging in Ivars (surrounded by menacing pigeons!) and walking around the space needle. We then met up with some of my YWAM friends for dinner, it was so great to see them again too. It would have been even better if Phil hadn't stood us up to play dodgeball, but it really helped me to see where his priorities are. Pray for him to see the light! ;)
After dinner, (and stopping by Phil and Amy's house on the way!) we drove up to Burlington to see some of our good friends from home. Chad and Becky, it was so good to see you!!! We stayed the night with them and spent the next day with them, seeing where they live and shopping (of course!) That night, we drove up to Vancouver BC (I can say I left the country on my vacation!!) to see my small group leader from DTS and her husband. I hadn't seen Heather for almost three years, so it was great to catch up, compare diamonds ;) and get acquainted with eachothers husbands. It was definitely worth the drive, and getting lost!, to see her again!!! We headed for home the next day, and drove and drove and drove. And now, the buzzer on the dryer calls. More later~

Monday, November 7

Lion King and Seahawks

So, the weekend is past. That much closer to VACATION! :) Friday will be the Lion King on Broadway, altho not the real Broadway, It'll be the Lion King in Spokane's Broadway. It should be interesting. Our tickets were a Christmas present last Christmas from Mat's dad and step-mom. So, it'll be Mat and I, Mat's sister, Katie, Dad and Coleen, the step-sisters-in-law (wow, what a title!) Megan and Morgan, and Coleen's parents and brother. It'll be a pretty good time. I'm really looking forward to the show. I've heard such good things about it! I'm psyched!
Then, after Spokane, it's on to Seattle for the Seahawks game. I got Mat Seahawks tickets for our anniversary......How cool of a wife am I?!?! :) I'm really excited.
Our time in Seattle will be really good. In addition to seeing a bunch of DTS folks, we will get to spend some time with one of our good friends from Bozeman who just recently moved out to Seattle and just recently got engaged!! (any good engagement present ideas anyone???) She's actually coming to the football game with us. And if it couldn't get any better, we get to see my dear DTS small group leader and her hubby. They just found out they are having a baby, what an exciting time in their life to get to visit!! I'm so excited.
Now, I just have to stop thinking about it and get to work.....Yay, numbers to input, papers to file.....I can hardly contain my excitement! :)

Saturday, November 5

awaiting vacation

Ok, so here goes with the "blogging".
I thought, what the heck, may as well try this for a while. Plus, I really enjoy the idea of keeping everyone posted without writing individual e-mails to everyone. Don't get me wrong, I love e-mailing, I just need some way to simplify it all. Who couldn't use a little simplification in their life? I'm very technologically impaired, so this will be a learning experience the whole time going. Which will prove, if nothing else, to be very interesting for everyone involved!
So, I'm just trying to make it through my Saturday, and then there's only 5 more days of work until vacation. I'm very used to working 10 days in a row before another day off, which is what this will be when all said and done. But, when there's not just a day off, as glorious as that is, but when there is vacation coming at the end of that 10 day stretch, it really crawls by. Maybe crawling is even too "fast" of a word......slower even that crawling. But, before you know it, we will be back home from vacation, back at the grind. So, I'll try and enjoy these days of work before vacation in hopes that vacation will go that much slower, or even never end at all!
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