Friday, December 2

"you aren't braceface, you're metal mouth"

Those are the words of consolation my husband gave me Monday after I got my full mouth braces on. What a loving husband I have, huh? You all wish he was your's don't you? ;) He really is a great guy, he just hit a sensitive cord with me that day. In preparation for my upcoming surgery, I had to get my braces on again. Yes, again, second time around. I'm already over it. I just have to keep picturing the end result, what my mouth will be after surgery. But, it doesn't make the canker sores any less painful!!! It's nice that we are progressing in the direction of surgery faster than we have the preceeding three years. But, it's painful!! :( Hopefully I'll at least lose some weight on my soup and ramen diet! :)

1 comment:

DavenHeather said...

what?? no don't loose weight you will fade away!!!! this will all be worth it in the end!!!