Sunday, November 12

freeze hot

we are watching spanish television, also known as "Telemundo" and on right now is a infomercial for "freeze hot reduce" an icy hot weight loss gel, it works 24 horas per dia, it's pretty funny watching a spanish infomercial. mat really enjoys watching telemundo lately. whenever he takes lunch in the breakroom at work, he gets a spanish lesson from all the housekeepers who work at the hotel. so, now he can understand 10 words per show. it's pretty comical hearing him translate those 10 words for me.... increible means incredible......he's so good. he really enjoys watching spanish wrestling and spanish game shows, especially "vas or no vas" like deal or no deal, but the girls are uglier. that's mat's latest guilty pleasure. mine is "parental control" the MTV dating show where the parents get rid of the hoochie girlfriends and lazy boyfriends and choose someone new for their child to date, and then the current boy/girl friend watch the dates with the parents. it's a pretty good, awkward, swearing time. and there is a girl named constance on there right now!! :)


life in colorado has been going good. mat's been getting busier and busier at the hotel. he's been given the "15 rooms or less" accounts to work with. he's been sending out contracts and booking rooms for rich peoples birthday parties, christmas parties, etc. he's hoping at the start of the new year to be dealing with the sports teams more, since they are usually 15 rooms or less anyway. i'm hoping he can do that too, it might hook us up with some tickets to basketball, volleyball, baseball, we'll just have to see. i'm hoping he can get tickets to the john legend concert. he and his posse are staying at the julien, i'd love to go see him in concert. it'd be sweet. i'm so greatful for him having a job he loves, even if he does work with all women. he really enjoys hearing about them having to find a new ob/gyn. :) it makes my heart happy to know that he's doing something he loves, and excelling at it. he's beating all the goals they have set for him so far, which is amazing for as limited experience as he has. all in all, life at the st. julien is going well.

life in colorado for me is going well. i need a new job. mine is driving me crazy. but, we need insurance worse than in need my sanity, so i'll be at borders until january, when mat's insurance will kick in. i just need something that keeps me businer, something that lets me show my strengths, something that pays me better and has better hours, and maybe a place for advancement beyond manager of a bookstore. i love working in a bookstore, but i want something that'll challenge me a little bit more, something that'll be more of a career rather than just a job. and something that pays better so we can afford a house! we went and looked at houses in longmont today. it was ok, we found a couple that were "buyable" but we didn't get to look inside of any of them. but, now we know which ones are definate no's and which ones we want to keep looking at. i just am not sold on the idea of living in longmont. but, if that's where we can afford to live, then we need to go for it. we'll see. probably nothing will happen until the new year, but you never know. i just want our own space. i want our own stuff, our own kitchen, our own bed, silly little stuff like that. but, i really need to work on being more greatful for this chance to live with grandma, to get to know her better, to save up more money for our house, and to make the best decision for a house and our future. time will only tell what the future holds, where we are to find a house, where we will put down our roots, whether in longmont, westminster, northglenn, boulder, we shall see.

in case you wanted to order "freeze hot reduce" here's the number: 1-800-990-7008

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