Wednesday, November 28


two weeks of the semester left, i'm in crazy mode (aren't i always?!) however, my english prof made the rest of our assignments for the semester optional, with extra credit available, which takes some of the pressure off, but i could really use the extra credit, so the pressure is still on. but, if i bomb, at least my grade doesn't drop any more.....
montana was great. we saw so many people and had such a wonderful time. some highlights include:
my cousin, chloe sitting on my lap all during dinner out with the family.
my cousin, tommy, sitting on my lap period... he's at that age...
meeting my sister's boyfriend for the fleeting moment i did. he seems like a good guy.
watching the guy pee in front of our parking spot before going out with the girls.
seeing mysha.
spazmatic cryssy.
spending the night chasing shi-to-the-lo around bozeman. crazy girl.
first thanksgiving with mat's mom and sister, my parents, grandparents, sister, and the zegens.
watching tila tequila with the zegens?
seeing the zegens....!!!
all in all it was a good, busy long weekend. i'll post pictures after finals, i promise. i have to go make dinner now.... mat and i actually get to eat together tonite!! at a normal hour!! wahoo!


Rona said...

I made the cut! Several times! :) I'm so glad we got to hang out with you so much while you were here. I had a great time, and we made some more memories for the record.
Hang in there with school, just a couple more weeks then Christmas break! Yay!
I love you.

philter said...

hey you two. I'm glad you liked emmas post. It was fun to see. How are you? I'm sure your looking forward to a break from school. I totally only found out about you in colorado just a bit ago. What else are you up to?