Sunday, March 30

taking a break

i'm taking a break from writing my paper. it's been a struggle to get this one written. not that i'm not interested in the topic, i'm just having a hard time finding conclusive evidence. i'm writing about the historical evidence for the ten plagues. it is for my history class, so i'm trying to make it scholarly and not just a Christian's perspective. i can't very well write my paper "i believe that the Bible is true, so i believe that they happened. The end" i probably wouldn't get a good grade. but i'm having a hard time finding sources that mention the plagues more than just a sentence here and there. but, i'll just keep trucking on. i have three pages written so far, and my first installment only has to be 4-5, so i'm almost there. (first installment, i have to write a review of my sources, second installment is the actual research paper. wahoo!)

i laugh at myself lately, when i'm checking my favorite people's blogs and there isn't anything new, and yet i hardly ever post anything on my blog. i feel like no one really finds me interesting, and nothing interesting really happens in our lives. we got our console table friday and mat built it yesterday; it look really great in our entry way. i worked almost a 50 hour week last week. we were busy with end of month stuff, so i offered to work longer hours. i don't mind the overtime one bit, there is just stuff around here i'd like to get done (and homework i should be doing) but my paycheck will be nice. i bought a couple new house plants yesterday, one is a palm tree to replace the one from our honeymoon i killed....that's right, i killed our love fern. but this one is much bigger, so hopefully it'll have a better chance. our house is amazing, we love it so much. and we have a washer and dryer in our basement which is, in my opinion, one of the bestest things about our new house. forget the investment (blah blah) and the equity (blah blah) and the garage and no more three flights of stairs..... we can do laundry in our own basement whenever we want. i can leave our towels in the dryer overnight, or for longer than ten minutes after the cycle is done, and no one steals them. it's truly amazing. (i'm easily amused, i just love them!!)

see, i just feel like a boring person. just the daily stuff that's not very interesting, but it's good for me to get some feelings out. to feel like my voice is being heard. to feel like someone is mildy amused at my mundane life. don't get me wrong, i love my life and the busy-ness it is, the choices i've made to make it what it is and what i'm working for it to be; i just feel like it is the same thing, different day kind of thing. but, i guess life is what you make it. i feel stagnant a little bit too; i feel like i'm busy with work and school and unpacking and settling in, but i haven't carved out the time for God in a l-o-n-g time. other than sundays, i'm not learning anything from God, i'm not being challenged by his word and his desire for me. that's something else i need to work on. make my life more God centered, rather than just busy. that'll be my challenge this week. let's see how i do.

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Anonymous said...

I love hearing about all your little quirks in life carly! I love that you get amusement out of the little things in life which is how it shuold be. we all get cought up in the big picture of what our life is supposed to be but you stay grounded. I love you and miss you tons!