Sunday, August 24


who knew so many people (relatively speaking) would be so intrigued by my big surprise.... well, here it is.... i have finally opened my own etsy shop with my cards. i know, compared with having a baby this is tiny news, but it's something i'm really excited about. i've been thinking about doing this for a long time, and since my week wasn't busy enough...since my life in general isn't busy enough... i decided to just go for it and see what happens. so, here is the link to my beautiful new shop: come see what i have to offer, give me tips and advice.... i welcome all feedback. i'm really excited about this and really want to make it a success. thanks in advance for all your support!!

i'm so glad that the past week is over. it was a long week. we found out we had a crack in our main sewer line, so on wednesday, the floor in our laundry room was torn up and all those pipes were replaced. it was a huge headache, made worse by the fact that....1) the rec center was closed, so we couldn't even go over there for a shower and 2) almost all the hotel rooms were sold out for DNC, making employee rate rooms nonexistant. and our good friend shawn was out here visiting, which made me feel terrible that "hi, you can stay with us, but you can't take a shower, or run any water, and we are going to eat out pretty much the entire time you are out here, since we can't do dishes or laundry...." it was just a super long week, but we finally got everything worked out, and spent all day yesterday cleaning the house and getting things back to normal. i think we probably did 6 loads of laundry yesterday, and probably have another 4 to do today....will it never end?!?!?!

school starts tomorrow too.... i need some major time management help. i'm taking three classes..... hopefully i don't go completely crazy. i'm taking a nutrition class, a biology class and a sociology class. looks like so far it'll just be a ton of reading, which i don't mind. i just hope i'll have the time to devote to mat, my cards, and our slowly blossoming social life. i'm sure things will work out.... there is just always that early semester stress. it'll be fine. just need to power through.

mat just woke up (he worked overnight again last night) and made me french toast... time to dig in.
happy shopping!! can't wait to hear your feedback!!!

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