Wednesday, December 17

can it be? another blog post??

i'm shocked!!at the relient k/tobymac concert the night before we trekked to mt.... mat's... excited??
honestly....can't tell who this is. probably the relient k awesome!!
three and a half of my most favorite people in montana!!
thanksgiving morning we ran a 5k. heard right. a 5k. and i ran it in 4-0 minutes. forty minutes for my first ever 5k. pretty respectable, i thought.
here we are, refreshed and hungry after our cold run
playing uno thanksgiving afternoon. mat's in the zone..
mom relishing one of mat's few losses ever.... doesn't look like a poor loser, does he?
the next day was "christmas"... te amo mi familia that was our trip home for thanksgiving in a nutshell. we had a really good time. it was much more low-key than when we went home in august. we told less people and had a less-stressful time. but it was still a great vacation. spending time with the people who mean the most to us. mat got to go hunting with his dad (i chose not to post the pics of bambi on here... but he did shoot a nice young buck!) i spent lots of good time with my sister and my Rona. it was a refreshing and relaxing vacation. my heart is still full!

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