Monday, July 20

he is a HE.....

just wanted to share some pictures from the ultrasound we had today. HE certianly wasn't shy, it took the ultrasound tech about 2.2 seconds to know for sure that he is HE. it was so good to see our baby again, to see him moving around (which he was doing a..l..o..t of today!) to see his heart beating, his spine and ribs and tootsies. it was so good for my heart to see him and know that he's developing healthily and happily :) i feel so blessed already, with a full heart.
i just can't wait for it to be december so that we can meet him and bring him home!!!

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Chris and Crystal said...

I love it Carly!!! Keep the pictures cominng. We are so excited for you guys! Its amazing how they grow. Keep the blog updates coming, it makes me feel like we live in the same state... he he!!