Friday, September 11

worth it all

i'm trying really hard not to complain, but i have to vent a bit...... to get things off my chest. i take it back, not really complaining, but more observations about being pregnant.... here goes
  • there are ten chubby sausages where my toes used to be
  • i can no longer wear my wedding rings. last night i had to take it off and i thought my poor finger was going to explode. on the plus side, i just read this morning about women who had to have their ring cut least it didn't get that bad!!
  • i barely got my toe nail polish removed before i realized how uncomfortable i was, stretching and struggling. i guess i get a pedicure this weekend!
  • i can't concentrate on anything for longer than 8 seconds......
  • .......what was i doing again?
  • very few things fit me anymore....and i don't want to spend much $$ on maternity clothes that i won't wear after december....
  • i can't remember a day i didn't look up cribs, diapers, or car seats online at least once
  • it takes me a month to get comfortable at night, only to wake up and either move downstairs or go to the bathroom.....

BUT, you know what? i wouldn't trade it for anything. every time this little monkey kicks, rolls, rattles, dances or punches inside of me, it still brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. i can't believe that i'm growing a little man....that i've been entrusted to grow and nurture this little life inside of me. really, the other stuff doesn't even matter. i'm over it. he's all worth it.

mama loves you, buckwheat


Stuber Family said...

Soon you will be looking back at this time and holding your new baby with new things to deal with - all wonderful and strange and crazy and exhausting and....but perfect! Enjoy as much as you can (hard to do at times- I had Shrek feet for most of my preg and I am pretty sure I wore the same outfit for a few months) It goes by so fast. And most definetly get a pedi! :)

Chris and Crystal said...

Ah I love it Carly....thanks for updating your blog:-) Go get a pregnancy massage and pamper yourself! Cant wait to meet your little boy!

Sara Kane said...

You're cute :) Complain all you want to me because I was a whiney, chubby, crier when I was pregnant!!!