Tuesday, December 7

shutterfly lovin

i adore shutterfly. i have made levi two photo books in the past year, both of which were free. i won one from a blog i follow, and the other one was a perk from the formula we use for levi. so while i didn't spend money on his books, i would have. the pictures are printed so beautifully, the covers are so sweet. i just love them.
another thing about shutterfly i love is their christmas cards. there are so many great ones to choose from. we've had a big year, with our little monkey turning one tomorrow, and i have so many great pictures i want to share with our christmas card list. even though i thought i had it nailed down as to which pictures i would choose for our christmas card, just in perusing shutterfly's christmas card options.......suddenly i'm doubting everything! one big family picture? several smaller pictures of things we've done throughout the year? a timeline of levi's growth and changes over the year? or, oh my gosh, the best of both worlds.......a christmas photo card AND christmas letter, all in one??? oh my word, this one is cute too!!
regardless of what decision i hope to make soon (inevitably i'll let mat pick something out, since he's usually more "i don't like that one" than i am. i'm usually so wishy washy.)...... i know i will be happy with my selection. anything i've ordered from shutterfly, be it the photo books, the custom notepads levi sent his grandma's for mothers day, or just my pictures printed at target, i've been elated with. and i truly think that this years christmas card will be my favorite. thanks to having two handsome men in the pictures with me, and thanks to shutterfly's (50 free photo card promotion) help :)

a couple of my favorite shutterfly goodies (other than the christmas cards and photo books!)
* these photostrips. ADORABLE!!! such a good idea for levi's thank you cards for his party!
* this mounted wall art. this would make great gifts for grandparents! i'll have to keep these in mind!
* these desk calendars. again, a great gift idea for grandparents who want to see levi's picture every month of the year :) i might have to take some "seasonally appropriate" pictures throughout the year for this one!

one thing i wish shutterfly made....... a photo address book. really i'd just like to put a family picture on the front of an address book. i'll keep my fingers crossed that this is in production :)

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