Sunday, November 27

what a day

Actually, today is going much better than yesterday, although I have spent all day today fixing problems from yesterday. Yesterday, between the terrible roads and weather to begin with, our power went out at work, not once, but twice. That's right, completely out. No lights, no computers, no theft detectors, no nothing. We had to go back way old school and write down sales by hand. It was great fun. We had all the cashiers writing sales out by hand, plus two people posted at each door for security. And the thing that blows my mind, is that customers continued to come in and shop, even tho we were greeting them at the door letting them know we had no power. It's just mind boggling.....what is that important that you need to shop in the pitch black dark?!?! I don't understand it!!
I was in my office when it happened, counting the deposit, minding my own business..... And there are no windows in my office. So, the power goes out and I have to blindly reach for the money, put it in the safe, lock the change box, find my way out of my dark office, and hang out for almost three hours for the power to come back on......and stay on. So, needless to say, today has been so exciting, I can hardly stand it. No catching up on filing or anything like that, just fixing things from yesterday. It's terrible. But, I'm all caught up now, and almost ready to be done for the day. Which means I get to drive home in the hellacious snow and ice we are having!!!! As long as I live here, I'll never get used to the weather. We probably have a good foot of snow, the roads are slushy, it's still snowing, and it's just wonderful!!! I love montana weather!!! :D kinda a cool link for MSU's webcam, shows you just how much snow we indeed do have! :)
peace out, napoleon

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