Thursday, January 5

i'm terrible

i'm sorry i've been such a slacker lately. Work had been super slammed with Christmas, so there was not time to update this silly thing. But, now's my day off, so here goes. Christmas was wonderful. A very busy time, but also a very blessed time. I prefer to think of ourselves as blessed rather than spoiled, although in this context they are pretty similar. We are very spoiled, but blessed to has so much family in such a small area, geographically speaking. When I think about how many Christmas celebrations we had, it's astounding. We had six or seven, just with our respective families. It truly is a blessing to have so many people we love so much so near by! New Years was calm compared to christmas, we just had a date, just the two of us, and went back home and watched the ball drop. Mat had to work New Years day, at 7, so we didn't want to get too rowdy! :) And the last couple days have been nice for me, seeing as work has slowed down to a near crawl, so I'm not as insanely busy anymore. And I've had the last two days off! :) Today Mat and I had the day off, we just lazed around, slept in, worked out, and currently he's taking a nap. I'm trying to get the house cleaned and laundry done before my big trip. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that slight piece on information....... I got a surgery date!!! That happened a couple days before Christmas, what a wonderful Christmas present. I'm having surgery on the 16th of January in Lincoln Nebraska.....wahoo!! (that's partially a sarcastic wahoo, seeing as how i have to spend two weeks away from my husband, in Nebraska......but it's mostly an excited wahoo, seeing as how I'm almost done with this whole ordeal!) I'm so excited to be done, but scared out of my mind!!! Keep me in your prayers, as my mind has been going crazy, especially at night when I should be sleeping...... I know everything will be fine, I'm just still so nervous! My mom, sister and I leave on the 13th (friday the 13th.....yikes!) and I'll be gone for two weeks. Mom and Con can't stay the whole two weeks, but mom will be there for 10 days, so I'll only have a couple days alone. It'll be all good.
Ok, that's the update. I gotta go get the laundry. Seems like I'm always doing laundry and blogging......hmmm.......

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