Sunday, March 5

I really didn't die!!

Better late than never, I always say. The month of February just flew by, really. Not that I was any busier than normal, just doing the same old stuff, working and, sadly, that's about it. It's just hard when you don't have Internet at home and you have to rely on using it at work, which is always reliable. Anyway, the countdown is on. One week until I can eat whatever the heck I feel like. The day will be great, Eggs Benedict in the morning, and a big old Fuddruckers hamburger in the afternoon. I'm so excited, I can almost taste it!! :) And later that week, I get my new glasses, it'll be an exciting week. I'm really sad that I have nothing else exciting to say, I'm such a boring person. To the one person who actually reads my blog--you rock!


Captain Ruby said...

Oh good. You can eat some beef, which is good for your's science.

DavenHeather said...

i read it too. love you lots.