Sunday, April 9

Shawn McDonald is pretty much the best new Christian singer ever. We just got his new cd, RIPEN the other day, and it pretty much rocks my world. I just love his songs. They are some of the few songs that I can worship to even if I don't neccesarily know the words. You know? I have a hard time really entering into worship with songs that I don't know the words to. It's getting easier for me, and it's easier at church when the words are up there, but still, it's hard for me. But, Shawn McDonald's music is so great, just beautiful and uplifting and calming all at the same time. It's a foot-tappin good time!

Hey, we found a new church!! I don't know that we were neccesarily looking actively, since Mat always has to work on Sunday's, but he's had the last 5 or so Sunday's off, and since I can go into work whenever, we've been able to go the church together. I never really realized how much I take that for granted, being able to go to church together on a consistent basis. It is so good to share in church together. So, anyway, back to the new church. We've been going to Journey Church now for four weeks, only skipped last week because I was dying. (of a cold!) Mat had gone with his boss a couple times on Saturday nights, but since I'm slaving away on Saturday nights, we hadn't been able to go together until about a month ago, and it's been great!! I love it so much. And it's such a blessing to find a church that we both like, that has amazing worship and really good teaching. And, to make it better, they serve coffee, chai, and hot chocolate in the lobby before church!! :) But seriously, it's been amazing. The teaching the last couple weeks has been about how faith in God has to be Uphill, always progressing and growing, but also not always easy work. It's been really challenging for me to hear exhortation and encouragement like that. Today he talked about Paul's quest to finish strong. "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have remained faithful" It was really great, a good kick in the butt for me to examine my own life and really ask myself if I'm running the good race and fighting the good fight. Am I really being faithful in my.... faith? Will I finish strong? Am I living strong right now? It will be a good week when it starts out so thought-provoking and serious like that. And, I'm just starting to read Blue Like Jazz solely because I've heard such good things about it. I'm really excited to read that, to get back into the Christian non-fiction. So, it should be a good week. I'm really excited for what the week holds! And to listen to more Shawn McDonald!

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Captain Ruby said...

I kind of like David Crowder. I'm not real big on much worship music though. Maybe I'll try this new fangeled artist you speak of.