Saturday, May 20

new job?

Ok, so here's some exciting news. I had a job interview on Thursday. Yeah, it was a suprise. I went in for an interview at Love INC on St. Patrick's Day (I remember because I didn't have anything "professional" enough for an interview that was green, according to my darling husband) and the interview didn't go too well. About half way thru, I think both me and the lady interviewing me realized I wasn't nearly qualified for the job, at all. She told me about something more clerical they'd be having come open in a few months, and she'd keep me in mind. Yeah, sure, I thought....blahblahblah, just something to tell me so that I didn't feel so losery..... And then Thursday morning she called me and we had an interview that afternoon, and the job is mine if I want it. It's a part time job, just 15 hours a week, so I'd have to stay at Murdoch's on the weekends, but the weekdays are totally flexible, they just need me there 3 or 4 hours a day, if I want a day off, I can just work more the day before or day after...... and it's things that I enjoy doing...filing and data entry and organizing and silly stuff like that..
The timing of this is totally great too, because Wednesday I was totally ready to walk out.... I'm so fed up with cashiering. And it seems like every other day, someone here calls me a "lifer"......I'M NOT A LIFER!!!!! Ok, done yelling about that. So, we'll see what I decide when Tuesday rolls around. I'm going to take the weekend to think and pray about it, and see where I'm at come Tuesday (Monday is our anniversary, I'll call her back on Tuesday!) :) So, that's that. Kinda exciting news, just something that came up so quickly, I'm still kinda reeling from it, not quite knowing what to think about it all...... I'm sure it'll all become clearer as the time goes on...... We'll see. (Ok, I'm going to say that about 50 more times....gheez!)
I get my braces off on Tuesday....... So Excited! :) no more brace face! :)

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