Friday, September 29

xanadu and fandango

Ok, so get this. the hotel my husband works at has a lot of conference rooms, three names xanadu (xanadu I, II, and III......originality is astounding! haha!) and one named fandango. unfortunately, the paper bag puppets don't live in that particular conference room, i already asked. oh yeah, mat got the job.... did i forget to tell you? he officially got the job on monday, tuesday he went to orientation, wednesday we enjoyed a day off together (doing a whole lot of nothing!) and he started his 8-5:30 today. what a grown up, 8-5:30, monday thru friday.... i don't know how he's going to handle it! haha!

now i can focus on starting my business (yeah, mysh, my business!!) any advice from any fellow entrepreuers (however you spell that!) seriously, i don't know the best place to start.... i need help!!

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Mysh said...

What's that all about? What do you mean with that comment? :) You silly girl! I hope your business really takes off there! :)