Friday, September 8

crusty socks

Wow, moving is such an enjoyable experience, one I want to relive at least once a year......Ha! Having never moved before, this last week has been an interesting, stressful and unpredictable week. It's been interesting to say the least. We got to Boulder last Saturday, and have been staying in a temporary room at Grandma's since today. First, my mom and dad were in our current room, then Mat's uncle and aunt came into town for a couple days. So, we've been living out of suitcases and getting dressed in the garage until today. And what a wonderful and liberating experience it is, hanging up all your clothes and finding new jeans, new pajamas, and your beloved slippers. Mat was very excited to find his slippers and sweatpants, and it's been cold today, so he's wearing both! :) It was a tiring day, unpacking everything, hanging it up, cleaning, etc. So, we are celebrating by ordering Chinese. Actually, Grandma's getting it for us because none of us feel like going to the grocery store! Haha!! I feel like our stay here is more permanent now too, even tho it is only temporary for a few months, it feels like we are living here now instead of just being on a long strange vacation. So, that's good, I feel less nomadic and more "here to stay" Coloradian (however you spell that!) So, the garage at Grandma's is much more spacious now, after our big boxes of clothes are out of the way....... we may be able to get a car in there soon!! :)

We went and found Borders the other day....yesterday actually. I was able to introduce myself to my manager and some of my other future co-workers, so that was nice. To be able to know a few people, and where I even work, before my first day. I'm still a little apprehensive about my first day on Monday, as anyone is on their first day at a new job. I'm a little worried about not knowing anyone, making new friends..... It'll be like the first day at school, although it won't be everyone's first day. I just want to get to know some quality people.... I hope I can. And Sunday we'll go to church with Mat's aunt and uncle, not sure where they go to church. I'm glad tho, we can go with someone we know and not just go not knowing anyone. At least for our first Sunday. It'll be good. I'm just glad to go to church again. Grandma has characterized their church as a "hip-hop" church.... which'll be good for us. Hopefully we can find a church we love as much as Journey!! And then the next week, pending our reaction to Scott & Geri's church, we'll go to Mat's old church, the one he went to when he lived down here first, Northglenn Christian. We'll see how that goes, but at least we have something lined up for a couple weeks. I'm just excited for going to church again!! :) Yay!

So, Mat had an interview at the Westin on Wednesday. We'll see what they have to say. The job he interviewed for was initially an Assistant Supervisor, but in his interview he discovered that the job was now a Supervisor, which he is in no way opposed to!! Of course he'll be a Supervisor!! They said they had another person or two to interview and they'd let him know "in a week or so"...... Mat said he'll probably call them Monday, show some interest, and see what they have to say. That's the lastest on everything. If I think of anything else, I'll just blog later I suppose. Gotta go, Wontons are here!! :)

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