Sunday, January 7

holiday blizzard 2006

mat's truck after the blizzard. he drove home from work at about noon, and this was about eleven the next morning.....

this is my car..... see the glimpse of red? i drove home from work at about three that afternoon, again, this is about eleven the next morning. i made it all the way home, and got stuck in the culdesac..... my car was still all cock-eyed and snow covered when we got home from montana...

this is the picnic table on grandma's deck..... close to the house, so it's not a totally accurate measure, but makes for a good picture

this is my favorite picture. this is looking outside from our bedroom, our room is in the basement, the bottom of the window is about level with the ground. again, this is at about eleven the morning we left for montana. wow, huh?

sorry these are so belated. this is from holiday blizzard 2006 as the newscasters were calling it.... now it's simply blizzard number one..... with blizzard number four on the forecast for thursday. it's great for the farmers, firefighters and skiiers...... but seriously, enough is enough!!

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Reehb said...

Down here in the ol' republic of Texas we started to miss the winter snow...not any more. That's crazy!