Saturday, January 6


oh my flipping word...... november 23rd is the last time i've posted on here..... that's irresponsible and just sad. one of my resolutions, or goals maybe, is to be more dilligent with this, keeping people up to date with the goings-on in boulder, in the smith family (i can't say household, since technically there is more than just smiths in our household......) i'm also going to try and start working harder on my business, thats a huge resolution of mine. with as busy as work will be in the next few months, we'll see when that one happens. but, here's to wishful thinking!
the past few weeks have been so stressful, combining christmas, three (one more on the way) blizzards, a funeral, and still working more than full time........ it's been a crazy few weeks, with a few more to go before things return to normal, but, it'll be good to get some overtime and get a lot done. it was good tho, to see everyone, both at home (for the two days we were there) and here. altho with all the travelling, it was hard to think of it as christmas and all that, seeing as we drove home on christmas day. but, it was, and it was still good to see everyone, both in montana and here. lots of family time, lots of presents, lots of laughs, lots of cold germs given to us by the kidlets, but all in all, a fun couple weeks. stressful, with no end in sight, but lots of fun. i'll post pictures as soon as i get on the right computer. i'm watching mtv and i don't want to get off my butt!!

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