Sunday, March 4

the countdown is on

we are going to tennessee this summer. we are buying our plane tickets tomorrow. our very good friend, joel, is getting married. he was our best man, he is such a good friend to mat, has been all through high school. we are very excited to be a part of his and tay's special day. plus, they are getting married three days before our anniversary, so we get to take a trip for our anniversary. i am very excited. plus, we have never been to tennessee. it'll be lots of fun. we are extending our trip for a few days to have some "us" time, some chill out, relax, and spend time together. i'm very much looking forward to it.
however, it is also my deadline.. my point of reference.. my finish line. i'm trying to get back in shape, and travelling to a warm locale during to spring/summer, with the possibility of a beach has certain appeal/fright....motivation. tomorrow is my first day. i don't want to lose weight, but it wouldn't hurt!, but i want to get in shape, more physically fit, less jiggly.
i need some motivation, encouragement, advice. anything. i'm excited, which i think will help my cause. that's all...

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Mysha~rona said...

I have no advice. But I do have lots of sympathy! I'm experiencing the same stuff, except I want to lose weight AND buff up. So I think I'm gonna start the South Beach diet again. That worked pretty well last time. I hope you're happy with how the results come out! :) Call me to commiserate!