Tuesday, March 20

moving on up

to the big time....sing with me! (actually, that's all of the words i know! haha!)
i wanted to wait until we have pictures of our own place to show off, but the camera battery is dead, and i dont' know where the charger is so, you'll have to wait for new pictures, personal pictures. but, i'll tell you the exciting news.......
we have our own apartment!! wahoo! no more living with grandma. not that it wasn't fun or good for us or appreciated... it was all of the above. but, let me tell you, it is so great to have our own place. to have our own bed back, our own wonderful mattress, our kitchen stuff (as little of it as we have in colorado!), our pictures, our towels, all the little things that make a house your own, we have them back!! and it's so great! i am just so pumped! i can't wait until we get some more furniture... it's very spacious right now, only our tv and two lawn chairs in the living room.... yeah, we are high class!! :) haha! it's so great!
pictures to come, but until then here's the link to where we live now! :)
enjoy! yeah! we have our own place!!!! (can you tell i'm excited?!?)

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Meesh said...

Hooray for you! I like the lawn chairs thing... reminds me of my first apartment! Hehe. So when are you coming up to get the rest of your stuff? Don't you dare say your parents or Mat's mom are bringing it down to you... You'll be in big trouble if you say that. Your stuff in Montana, your people in Montana, we need you. Even if only for a brief time.