Friday, September 7

conversation between me and one of my supervisors after work

shannon: "carly, i just want you to know i'm really glad you are back working here again."

me: "thanks. i still don't know how i feel about being back working here again, but that's just personal stuff."

shannon: "yeah, i know. that's why i wanted you to know i'm really glad you are back."

me: "thanks. it's nice to be somewhere i am appreciated."

shannon: "and you are. you are appreciated a lot here. at least by me!"

needless to say, that totally made my day. nice to hear nice things at work for a change, as opposed to getting in trouble for talking too much..... oh my word

on the bright side, here are the flowers my amazing rona sent me last weekend.....wait, last week. she couldn't have a drink with me, so she sent me the next best thing! i have the most amazing friend. she's awesome blossom, extra awesome......
luff you rona!


Danielle said...

Hi Carly! I'm so glad you found me! It is so nice to hear from someone who has recently gone through all of the same things we have! :)

Where did you live before you moved to Boulder? My husband Jason and I moved to Westminster at the beginning of the summer from Northern Indiana...a big change!

Anyway, we will be at the Sunday night service this week, if you are too it'd be great to meet up :)

Thanks for the message!

Rona said...

I luff you too! :) So glad I got a mention in your blog (again)! I'm glad your supervior told you that she appreciates you. Such a nice thing to hear, yet so seldom said. I miss you a lot. I kind of need you too. I get to see you in just a couple months though, yay!
I luff you the mostest.