Thursday, September 6


so, i no longer have a job i hate. correction.... i no longer work at the doctors office. two fridays ago, i was fired. luckily, i had borders to fall back on. and to think, i was about to quit borders so that i only had one job. but, i guess the doctors office made that decision for me. i'm still really angry and frustrated, pissed off at the doctors office and their decision, frustrated because i don't want to be back at borders. i'm frustrated, but trying to be greatful that i at least have a job so that we can continue to pay the bills and, you know, live on our own. i'm trying to look for a new job, i just don't really want to. i want to wallow, to feel sorry for myself, to have a pity party, to just be angry and cry. and it's been two weeks. when will i get over this?

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