Sunday, April 20

cleaning out the fridge

i finished my paper about an hour ago.... my last one for the semester. i'm pretty excited that all i really have to look forward to dreading now is finals. the other stuff is pretty much done.
mat's been bugging me to clean out the fridge, it's been getting pretty stanky in there (probably more than i needed to share with you....) so i finally cleaned it out this afternoon. you could say it was my reward for finishing my paper.... wahoo....
anyway, after i was done cleaning it out, i saw the lonely container of mushrooms in the veggie drawer that i've been saying "we need to use these" for a while now. i thought i'd try to whip up something delish with them. i decided to make lasagne. let me just tell you how much stuff i got out of the fridge just by making lasagne..... i used....
* the mushrooms
* the last box of frozen spinach
* finished the ricotta cheese
* used the last of two opened bags of mozzerella cheese
* finished the opened jar of spaghetti sauce
* and pizza sauce (mixed em up, we'll see...)
* the rest of the lasagne noodles
* the last can of crushed tomatoes
the only thing i had to return to the fridge was the parmesean cheese.... i was pretty excited and impressed with myself.... so, our recycling bin is full now, and we have a lasagne in the freezer. it's the small things. really.

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Reuben S. said...

Too many veggies in that dish.