Thursday, May 22


have the days flew by since my last post. i've been compiling a list of the things that have been going on in our lives and my head, for your reading pleasure. this is the blog i've been passing the most time at work with. and here is another one with challenges and though-provoking.....thoughts.....

here are a few other random thoughts, happenings, etc from my life.

* combing craigslist to find a loveseat. there is some u-g-l-y stuff on there....
* reading 3 books in the last week. it's amazing how much more motivated i am to read when it's for pleasure and not for school.
* getting a b in my history class (!!!)
* getting an a on my English final (!!!!)
* getting an a in my English class (!)
* mat in virginia for 2 weeks for Marriott training. hello humidity and washington dc. goodbye lonely wife :( (although it was during finals week, so it did give me more time to concentrate and get stuff done around the house)
* mat coming home early. he is such an overachiever, he finished all his classes (it was self-paced) and came home four days early, allowing me to see him before i went to....
* boise with mysha. so good to see her.
* living proof live with beth moore. one word: amazing. so much in my mind to process. more thoughts on this to come.
* 4 year anniversary today. those four years have flown by. they have been amazing and i'm such a lucky lady to have such an amazing husband. blessed beyond words.
* listening to my old worship cd's at work. i forgot about songs like "i could sing of your love forever" and "did you feel the mountains tremble?" still moving.
* using our ceiling fan--amazing
* planting flowers, making our yard more beautiful
* beautiful weather to watch rockies games
* voicemail from my little cousin tommy, who is now 10, thanking me for reminding him that he is now too old to order off of the kids menu. crazy that he's 10!!!
* chocolate fondue
* getting to know my neighbor
* sick of ads for "sex in the city" movie and madonna concert (it's not until november...i better get used to them!)
* sun tea

stay tuned, they only get better from here

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