Wednesday, May 28

popped my cherry

anniversary chocolate fondue--jealous much?

anyway, i digress. after months and months of drooling over things at Etsy, i've finally purchased something. beautiful papers from JaneSays. popped my etsy cherry and i'm very excited about it. i am very much looking forward to turning our forlorn empty corner of our downstairs:
into a scrapbooking/cardmaking haven. i can finally get my supplies out of the corner in the garage and have them set up and they will have their own place and i won't have to pack them up every single night. it'll be amazing. i'm giddy. i'm going to go right now and start moving boxes. i'm really trying to work hard at appreciating the things of beauty in the world, in my world. and, it's been such a long time since i've been able to make cards, i'm looking forward to getting some creative juices flowing. after spending so much time formulating papers and doing academic homework, it'll be a refreshing break to spend some time crafting and making and having sticky, glue-y fingers and glitter and paper dots everywhere.

here are some things i've appreciated today....
shawn macmonald's roots album. amazing, biblical music
"jane's" blog
the big huge rain drops from the storm this afternoon
laughing so hard at work when the system went down (again...)

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Melissa said...

hi carly..this is melissa roberts. I'm SO sorry i haven't gotten back to you sooner. I actually just saw your comment today..and yes we can definitely email..basically i'll tell you that you should GO!!! here's my talk to you soon!