Friday, June 27

waiting for the hubby

just wanted to post some new photos whilst waiting for the hubby so we can go play games and eat food with some soon-to-be new friends. we are going on a couples blind date; meeting a couple from our church and sharing dinner and games. it should be a good time.

but, in the mean time, i'm sweating in the 90* heat, hoping their house is airconditioned or at least cooler than ours!!

here is a photo of my new craft corner, complete with scissors caddy and oodles of paper and other goodies. i just love having a place for all these things now!!

my new toy--found on craigslist!!

and a good time was had by all (!!!)

and a pic of the new 'do. compliments of my darling sister, who was out here last weekend. it was great to see her and spend some time together with her and her friend, amanda. a crazy busy weekend, and they made us go to hooters, but fun nonetheless. and we'll be headed home at the tail-end of july (the 30th thru august 6th) for a wedding and to see everyone else, so it won't be too long before i see her again.

oh, and by the way, i'm officially an AssetLink employee. i started being permanent on monday--complete with a raise. i'm no longer a temp..... "at my ten year reunion, it will no longer say "ryan howard is a temp" fans, anyone? it makes me feel good to know that my supervisor not only wants to keep me around, but she values what i do enough to give me a (substantial) raise. just makes me feel good!

also trying to figure out what to do for my birthday.... not feeling too inspired yet.

loving right now.......
bare piggies
short, blonde hair
orange fanta
thunder and lightning storms
rockies games

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April said...

Hi...thanks for visiting my blog...I appreciate you reading.

What a great craigslist find.

I would be happy to make you a towel or set of your very own...if you are still interested contact met thru my etsy shop.

have a happy day