Tuesday, June 10

run errands as if you have ice cream in the trunk

my new grocery shopping/errand running advice. i find i am much more efficent when i act as if i have ice cream melting in the sweltering heat. just thought i'd share.

i set up my crafting area last night. since mat's in ny with the camera, i can't share pictures of that, but i'm way excited to start making some magic! :)

we've had some good weekends. two weekends ago, we were very ambitious with our back yard/patio and got it about half way done, still a work in progress, but already looking better. this last weekend, we were able to get free tickets to the jewel/john legend concert, and mat's mom was in town and was able to go with us. it was a good night, two very talented musicians and a beautiful evening.
loving right now:
sun tea with mint
sweet and sour cucumbers
big sunglasses

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Anonymous said...

yay for you and your new set up for crafting! there's just nothing better, is there?? happy friday!