Thursday, October 29

20 inches so far

and it's still snowing. ::fingers crossed:: i'll be home from work early again today and i can post pictures. i just can't believe the rate at which the snow is STILL coming's been snowing for over 24 hours. gotta love october.....

EDIT: here are some photos. 5:00 and still lightly snowing....

from our back porch.
poor scarecrow :(

my wonderful hubs clearing off my car riding on the way to work (hubs brought me the last two days!)


Crystal said...

I am a little jealous...but not at the same time. :) Looks like good crafting weather. :) Thanks for stopping by!! :)

design gal said...

i know this is random, but i stumbled upon your blog and i had to say i love your background with the owls!

also, i can't believe you got that much snow!!! and I thought Utah got a lot!

cute blog!