Friday, October 16

WICKED friday

tonight is finally the night...... we get to go see the musical Wicked tonight. we bought tickets forever ago, i think in april as soon as they went on sale. i'm so excited i can hardly stand it. i wish it was 8:00 already so that we could just see it. we are going with a girl from work and her'll be a great time!! i don't think Mat know's what's in store for him..... he does love musicals though, but i'm not sure he knows that the book is SciFi.....we'll see how it goes. Regardless it'll be a great night. I think this may be our last "date night" before the least our last BIG EVENT before he comes. hopefully we'll have another one or two dates....depending on when he makes his appearance.
on the baby front, nothing new to report. we finished class 2 of 3 in our childbirth series, it was VERY interesting. i'm hoping to post a longer story about it this weekend. it was so interesting, gave me a lot to think about in regards to pain meds and labor. more on that to come. other than that, he's good. doctor appointment on the 6th, everything looks fine. he's pressing hard on my sides, running out of room, but he's still movin' and a groovin' in there.
46ish days left.

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