Tuesday, February 2

reflections on 8 weeks

  • everyone tells you to prepare for tons more laundry when you have a baby. no one mentions that most of that laundry is YOURS that has been peed on, pooped on, spit up/thrown up/drooled on, other mystery fluids leaked on....
  • it's amazing how far through the day you can make it before you go.... "huh, i don't think i ate breakfast this morning"
  • as soon as you sit down to eat dinner, you will hear wailing from the babe
  • it will hurt to do anything for a while. i never really thought about it, especially considering what labor involves. maybe i was in denial, but i vastly underestimated how much pain i would be in and for how long i would ache. ouchie
  • about 18 trips up and down the stairs a day will become normal. as will juggling a crying baby, a bottle or two, a burp cloth, and maybe even a water bottle
  • eventually, making a bottle at 2am will become second nature.....something you can almost do with your eyes closed
  • the hospital will charge you for everything. would you like a prenatal vitamin? ka-ching $3.50 would you like a pain killer? ka-ching $3.00 would you like a microscopic tube of lanolin? ka-ching $42
  • a refound belly button and ability to wear a wedding ring is better than a nice piece of dark chocolate.
  • the body can function without caffiene.......just not very well
  • one grin, giggle, spit bubble or cuddle with him makes everything.....everything worth it. i never knew how empty my life was until he came into it.

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Chris and Crystal said...

So true....love it!