Friday, February 26

thunder thighs

i thought it was about time for another real post. i've been doing a lot of wordless wednesday's, simply because they are a quick and easy post, and because my little monkey is so stinking adorable. i know, i know, i'm a little biased, but i still think he's amazing. he's been sleeping for 11 hours at night, consistently for a couple weeks now. it's amazing. he goes down for the night at about 8, and then is up around 6:30 or 7. he's a rockstar. and bathtimes are going so much better, he loves his baths. about the only thing that ticks him off is getting dressed, especially if something is over his head. i try to jam his flailing little arms through the sleeves as quickly as i soon as it's all over, he's all smiles. i just love him and his chubby cheeks, double chin and thunder thighs. some days it just takes my breath away how much i love him. he's amazing.
staying at home has been really good. it's been hard work getting on a routine, more for me than for him it seems like. more often than not, the day.....or week....would go by and i'll wonder what i've gotten done. i wrote down (because i'm such a list person) a schedule of cleaning for the week, so that our house will be somewhat consistently clean.... other than that, i'm just relishing the opportunity that we have for me to be home with levi. we play and laugh and just have fun together.
we've also been trying to get out at least once a day, just to either run some errands, or to meet up with other kiddos or moms. we've been going to the new mom's group at the hospital, which has been good. this week it was about baby sign language, which was fun and interesting. definitely something we'll try to start with levi in a few months. we've also been going to storytime at the library with our neighbors. the storytime we've been going to is actually for older kids, but it's fun to go with melanie and her kids. sometimes levi sleeps the whole time, sometimes he's awake and just looks around. i try to sing along with the songs and do the motions with his little arms....that usually brings on the giggles. such a sweetheart. :)
i think he's awake from his nap...hopefully in time for a walk :)

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Heather said...

he is adorable.. glad motherhood has been such a good transition for you. i imagine you SHINE! love you.