Tuesday, February 8

snow days

we have had a lot of self imposed snow days around here lately. i say self imposed since i don't really have to go anywhere to get to work........and it's not like levi's preschool is going to be cancelled. we just decide not to go anywhere, enjoy snuggling, playing and drinking lots of hot tea. (i'm drinking so much of it, whenever levi sees my coffee mug he says "hhhhhhhot") here's a peek into our days the last couple weeks. :)we stand :)
we read LOTS and LOTS of books (big red barn 3 times today!)
we do a little blackberry-ing ;)
we stand in the chair and watch it snow.
we practice flushing the toilet (and turning on the dishwasher....little goober)
we finally figured out "touchdown" during the superbowl :)
we figured out how to open the cereal cupboard and help ourselves to kix
we chill
we play in the magazine rack
i love this littel goober. he makes me laugh all the time. and sometimes i laugh so loud, he starts laughing. so funny.


Chris and Crystal said...

what a cutie. I loved the picture with all his little toys lined up by the window!

Reuben S said...

Crazy. That kid is growing too fast.