Saturday, February 19

where i've been

we've been trying to enjoy the sunny days when they come, cuz winter can come back without warning. today we spent most of the morning outside, and levi's been sleeping for 2 1/2 hours so far :)
i got this inflatable car at target for $5, and i'm working on a homemade ball pit (i definitely need more balls for the pit)
and levi found where his bath toy bin is. think he has enough?
practicing standing, eating and playing with papa at the same time. he's a busy monkey.
brewery tour on valentine's day. my parents were in town, so we went to the brewery, then mat and i went to the batting cage, and then all of us went out for bbq dinner. what a great valentines day that man got!!!
at levi's dedication with great grandma ev
at levi's dedication with nana and papa

valentine's day smoothie.........yum!
he definitely has got the hang of a straw. he drank half of my smoothie!
i finally let him open his barn from his birthday; and he promptly tried to ride it. does that mean he has too many ride-on toys? haha
chili dogs and cole slaw. can you see how close he got to eating any cole slaw??
doesn't that smile just melt your heart?
and this is the most adorable thing i've ever seen! the zoo with nana and papa.
oh yeah, and i've been doing a little working at nap times :) i have 5 sets of closet dividers to be made, and a whole batch of lovees to deliver to the children's hospital. i am so blessed to be able to create, and work in my own home. it's definitely not a gold mine, or enough for mat to stay home, but it's an amazing outlet for me, and gratifying to know that i can bless others with my creativity. thanks all :)

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Chris and Crystal said...

love the picture of your parents at the zoo with Levi!!!!
He is getting so big, can't believe it!