Monday, November 7

Lion King and Seahawks

So, the weekend is past. That much closer to VACATION! :) Friday will be the Lion King on Broadway, altho not the real Broadway, It'll be the Lion King in Spokane's Broadway. It should be interesting. Our tickets were a Christmas present last Christmas from Mat's dad and step-mom. So, it'll be Mat and I, Mat's sister, Katie, Dad and Coleen, the step-sisters-in-law (wow, what a title!) Megan and Morgan, and Coleen's parents and brother. It'll be a pretty good time. I'm really looking forward to the show. I've heard such good things about it! I'm psyched!
Then, after Spokane, it's on to Seattle for the Seahawks game. I got Mat Seahawks tickets for our anniversary......How cool of a wife am I?!?! :) I'm really excited.
Our time in Seattle will be really good. In addition to seeing a bunch of DTS folks, we will get to spend some time with one of our good friends from Bozeman who just recently moved out to Seattle and just recently got engaged!! (any good engagement present ideas anyone???) She's actually coming to the football game with us. And if it couldn't get any better, we get to see my dear DTS small group leader and her hubby. They just found out they are having a baby, what an exciting time in their life to get to visit!! I'm so excited.
Now, I just have to stop thinking about it and get to work.....Yay, numbers to input, papers to file.....I can hardly contain my excitement! :)

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DavenHeather said...

so please email me and tell me some details. i can't wait to see you too.