Saturday, November 5

awaiting vacation

Ok, so here goes with the "blogging".
I thought, what the heck, may as well try this for a while. Plus, I really enjoy the idea of keeping everyone posted without writing individual e-mails to everyone. Don't get me wrong, I love e-mailing, I just need some way to simplify it all. Who couldn't use a little simplification in their life? I'm very technologically impaired, so this will be a learning experience the whole time going. Which will prove, if nothing else, to be very interesting for everyone involved!
So, I'm just trying to make it through my Saturday, and then there's only 5 more days of work until vacation. I'm very used to working 10 days in a row before another day off, which is what this will be when all said and done. But, when there's not just a day off, as glorious as that is, but when there is vacation coming at the end of that 10 day stretch, it really crawls by. Maybe crawling is even too "fast" of a word......slower even that crawling. But, before you know it, we will be back home from vacation, back at the grind. So, I'll try and enjoy these days of work before vacation in hopes that vacation will go that much slower, or even never end at all!


David said...

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DavenHeather said...

can't wait to see you. send me some details. i emailed you last and havn't heard back :) cant wait to see you guys!
glad to see you blogging!