Thursday, August 24

good news

So, here's something else I forgot to update here. My second to last post, about my terribly long weekend, I have an update. About my grandma. I don't know if God healed her (I like to believe that one!) or if the doctors read the first scan wrong, but there is no tumor!! PTL! There is just a shadowy spot on her pancreas, and she has pancreatitis, which can be controlled with medications. PTL!! Big time Praise the LORD!!! How awesome is our God! Wow! Prayers are answered every day, I know that. It's just amazing to see it happen so quickly (when God's timing matches up with ours.... ) and in such the way that you want to see it answered! God is good....All the Time!!
Other than that huge praise, not a lot new with us. Pricing things for our garage sale, which will be held this Saturday. Really looking forward to that, unloading all our junk on people who "need" it! haha!! Hope we get rid of a lot!! That's all I have to say, just wanted to keep everyone updated. Have a great week, all!!

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