Sunday, May 27

it's been a long time... long time

it's been so long since i've been able to sit down and update this mama-jama. not living with grandma has it's draw backs, the pertinant one being no more internet access in our house. now we have to go down to the clubhouse of our apartment complex to use the internet, and they are only open until six, and there are usually people waiting to use the computer. but, i realized the the time has come to at least give a teaser as to what's going on with me, with extremely high hopes of updating this again in the next few days.... we'll see. i should really type something up on our laptop and then open it on this computer, that'll cut out some time..... we'll see what happens with that.

life in colorado is good. busy, but good. i'm searching for a new job, not having much luck. i'm looking for something ministry oriented, having a hard time getting any leads. but, i just need to be more diligent and know that the right thing will come along at the right time. we just got back (wednesday night) from our vacation in tennessee, it was amazing. mat's best friend from high school, the best man in our wedding, got married in chattanooga. so we went down there for the big day, and extended our trip a few days to spend our anniversary in nashville. it was so much fun, nice and relaxing, warm and sunny. now it's just getting back into the routine of work and life here, but it's going well. mat's sister is going to be living with us this summer, so i've been trying to get our guest room in order, finish unpacking (yes, unpacking from two months ago when we moved in..... arg). we bought her a futon today to sleep on this summer, getting sheets tomorrow. it'll be fun to get to know her better and spend time with her. she goes to school in missoula, montana, and decided to move down here for the summer. it'll be a good time.

mat's coaching baseball, it's going well. they are tied for first place in their age group, qualified for state. and, he's thinking about coaching another team at the end of the summer. looks like there is no end in sight for the baseball and travelling and coaching. but, all is good. he loves it, i love watching (and the occasional night at home by myself!) so it's fun. he'll probably move to part time at the hotel to take on coaching these two teams, which means i really need to kick it into gear to find a new job!! (which is what i'm supposed to be doing right now...... focus carly!) i better start looking. we have a bbq at mat's aunt and uncles tonight, so i better do some hunting and then get ready to go hang out with the kidlets. i'll post more soon, i promise. i'll even ::shock:: try to put pictures of our trip up!! (if i can figure it out, we'll see)

have a great memorial day weekend. don't get too sunburnt! :)

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Rona said...

Hey, friend. It's time for you to update your blog, since some of the things you talk about in here have changed. :)
I got your present, I will call you soon. You are the sweetest most chocolately cordial lady in the world!