Saturday, August 18

kids church

kids church was amazing tonight. usually, it's ok. the last few weeks, it's been hard because we've only had two adult leaders with thirty or so little kindergardeners and first graders running around. two of us trying to corrall thirty munchkins with endless energy. but tonight, we had six leaders with thirty new kindergarden and first graders, a much better ratio. it was much easier and less stressful. it was fun, i laughed so much tonight. tonight we promoted the kids, so there were new kindergardeners, new to our room. they were insane, totally hyper and off the wall. i set up don't break the ice no less than 50 times, only to have four crazy boys knock all the ice out in 2.2 seconds....... it was hysterical. and tonight in big group, it was so funny. we sang "your love is deep", which is, of course a slow and quiet song. but, over all the music and all the other little kidlets singing, you could hear one little guy yelling "your love is DEEP, your love is HIGH, your love is LONG, your love is WIDE" he was so excited to be singing that song.... so cute!! it was so much fun, such a good night. i'm sad that i probably won't be doing it for the next couple weeks..... if only they were all like tonight was! i am starting school on monday, and i'm still working at borders on saturdays, which leaves only a few hours to do homework, so i need to have a few weeks to guage how much free time i'll have. i hope i can spare a couple hours to keep doing kids church..... i love those little ones!!

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