Saturday, June 24

holy crap, weekends off

Ok, so I took the job at Corporate, which means that, although I will have two jobs, I will work from 9-5, Monday thru Friday. LIKE A NORMAL a grown-up. Wow, does that mean I'm grown up? So, anyway, in celebration of me having weekends off, here's my list of things I want to do this summer, WEEKEND things I want to do this summer......
  • go floating, numerous times.
  • sleep in
  • go garage sale-ing......never been except to the one in our front yard (yes, it was in our front yard, yet it wasn't ours.....)
  • go shopping for my birthday (mysha always takes me shopping for my birthday (the 6th of July, in case you were wondering ;) and we can go this year! yay!)
  • go hiking.
  • go bike riding. (a lot!)
  • sleep in.
  • make cards.
  • garden.
  • sleep in.
  • stay out late friday night!
  • go floating.
  • go to the farmers market.
  • go away for a weekend with my husband (shocking, I know, that I want time away with my husband!)
  • actually see my husband once in a while!
  • sleep in.
  • go to baseball games. (with my husband)

well, that's all I can think of right now, I'm just very excited (can you tell?) and, oh, in case you were wondering, we leave for vacation in4 and a half days....... haha!! :) so excited! and i'm totally riding that ride again (did it twice last year.....i know!)

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DEB & Napoleon said...

I've been waiting for this day my WHOLE LIFE. All I've ever wanted to do is go floating every weekend with you! Maybe even fishing?? I know we'd have a killer time.
K bye.