Friday, June 16


So, I think my ulcer is back. Last time he was here, I got in the habit of calling it "the baby"..... so when my tummy hurt, I just said the baby was angry, or when Mat hit me in the tummy, I just told him the baby didn't like it..... I think this time, I'll actually give it a name. Any suggestions? I could call it Sprite, since that all it really seems to like lately..... Arg, I hate being sick like this.....HATE IT! So that's probably what little Sprite looks like....Ain't he cute? I wish he would just go away and stay away.... Hopefully someday.

I watched Britney Spears last night on Dateline..... what made it even better was that Mat was still at work, so I could watch it instead of the basketball game. I really like her. I thought she was kinda trashy sometimes, but I really enjoyed watching the interview last night. She was so sad at parts of it, talking about the dang paparazzi..... I hope she can figure out how to disappear and raise her children out of the spotlight..... away from all the drama and stress that Hollywood is..... Otherwise they may develop ULCERS!!! :) Part of me feels like people like that, celebrities and such, bring that on themselves, that they could walk away from it at any time. And while that is true, most of them are simply doing what they love. No one would ever ask a doctor or any other occupation to walk away from doing what they love, so why should we ask people like that to do the same? Privacy is something everyone deserves, no matter how famous or great they are.....

Wow, I'm so philosphical tonite..... must be Sprite's influence on me..... so I guess he is good for something....

I'm Audi 5000..... lata

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